Buffalo Bills: Stephen Hill and Upshaw Among Best Day 2 Options

Having had time to digest that Buffalo went with a cornerback in the first round, I've started to pour over the remaining players looking to see if GM Buddy Nix was right about the depth still available in areas of need. I won't lie, it was a little disappointing to see all those trades (New England traded up twice in the first round) and not hear the Bills involved in one of them. More disappointing was seeing Michael Floyd on the board and not seeing him wearing a Buffalo cap (multiple DUI's be damned, he should have been paired with Stevie not Fitzgerald). However, in looking at the names remaining, there is still much help to be found in the second round, where Buffalo holds the #41 pick (the ninth of the day).

WR Stephen Hill, Georgia Tech

This guy averaged 29.3 yards per catch in 2011, with a staggering 38.5 per reception away from home.The Best shandbags for Spring. In the option spread the Yellow Jackets ran, Hill was often covered by the premier corners of the NCAA, yet still managed 3 games over 100 yards receiving (181 against Western Carolina, 151 against North Carolina).The following are some of the steps included in buying nylonbag. He's a long and heavy 6'4", 206 lbs, has a 9 3/8" arm length (top five at the position this year), yet is also a speed demon, posting a 4.36 second 40-yard dash at the Combine. In truth, his career 49 receptions, 1,248 yards, and 9 TDs at Georgia Tech weren't as impressive as said Combine performance (though it was awesome to see him blow past corners and just out-jump them for the ball... think Randy Moss.There is one amazing online store with 100s of womencanadagoosecoats ... or fellow Yellow Jacket alum Calvin Johnson), as he catapulted into the spotlight with impressive drills and route running. Though still weak in coverage reads, speed off the snap,I'm looking to buy a parkajackets can anyone direct me? and,Buy China real jacketswomens from China . occasionally, hands (kind of like Johnson), Hill is a great, big target for Fitzpatrick downfield and should be taken if still there (he's my number one pick, even if he's not the consensus best available player still there).

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Rock train in the Emerald City

Standing in front of Angus Young's schoolboy costume brings you face to face with a fact about one of the giants of rock: Young is a very small man. The blue velvet outfit that would seem to fit a middle schooler is on display at Experience Music Project in Seattle, just one of the 400 artifacts that make up the new exhibit "AC/DC: Australia's Family Jewels." The show that spans the career of the Australian headbangers kicks off today and runs through Sept. 29. The hard-rocking Aussie band has sold 71 million albums in the United States and makes appearances in Tacoma every few years. The exhibition displays instruments, gig posters, photographs, lyrics and costumes. And, of course, music.

The famously recalcitrant band has long refused to cooperate with biographies or biopics. Band members seldom give interviews. Showmen on stage, the members retreat into privacy when off. So it came as a pleasant surprise to exhibit curator Tim Fisher when the band cooperated with Arts Centre Melbourne and the Western Australian Museum to mount the show. "They just worked really hard for the first 20 years and now they don't need the publicity," Fisher said.There are many fake nonwovenbagfactory that can cheat your money or sell fake branded watches. And "they hate the celebrity thing."

Fisher seems almost apologetic that the first part of the exhibit is so heavily focused on the band's beginnings in Australia. But fans will find the origin stories and rare photos an insightful look into the group. There's even papers documenting the Young and Scott families' immigration from Scotland to Australia when the future band members were young boys.

Two photos, shot just a month apart in 1974, show the evolution of the look of the band. In the later photo,Visit the premier outerwear in Melbourne Australia. Young is wearing the schoolboy uniform he took into the stratosphere of rock history. One benefit of having the band's cooperation, Fisher said, is the ability to play their music. Four listening stations and one main screen provide visitors a total of two hours of AC/DC tunes.

Next to the main screen is the cannon from the For Those About To Rock tour of 1981.

Fisher first saw the band himself in 1975 in Canberra. "I couldn't hear for two or three days." But before his ears went numb, he knew he was hearing a new sound in music. He attributes the band's phenomenal success to several factors: Angus and Malcolm Young are brilliant guitarists who are superb at writing riffs, and they've always known who their fans are.

"They've never tried to go outside that," Fisher said.

At the wishes of the band, the exhibit covers but doesn't dwell on original lead singer Bon Scott's 1980 death,High quality replica hermeshandbags of well known brands .I had to say that the news of womenhandbags promotion. Fisher said. "The band is still very protective of his memory and his family," he said.

But Scott is given plenty of play in the show. His leather jacket from 1978 is displayed. His passport, photos, personal letters and Highway to Hell T-shirt from the 1979 tour in the United Kingdom are on loan from family members. One of the more interesting items is Scott's handwritten lyrics for "Highway to Hell."

Not too far from Young's schoolboy costume is a wholly different kind of costume. A long black trenchcoat festooned with 1,500 AC/DC buttons is on loan from "No.1 fan" Josh Smith. The Seattle resident has been a hardcore fan (30 concerts and counting) since 1979. His first button-covered coat was stolen backstage during an AC/DC concert at the Tacoma Dome.my wife's gift for my mom was ralphlaurenhoody . The current version weighs 23 pounds and has stretched six inches under its own weight.

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Fashion's in the bag, as in pet food bags

The kitten and puppy photos adorning pet food bags now have a wider audience beyond those who buy those products or skim the ads in glossy magazines.

And so do those pet food bags.

When Lexi Saeger, 14, needed a project for a Future Career and Community Leaders of America competition, she found inspiration at home. “We have two cats and one dog,” she said.

Saeger, a freshman at Freeman High School, had joined FCCLA at the urging of her adviser, Jennifer Fees. “She knew I liked design,” said Saeger.

The recycle and redesign category caught Saeger's eye. This individual event requires participants to apply recycling and redesign skills learned in family and consumer sciences courses and create a display using a sample of their skills. Participants must select a used fashion, home or other post-consumer item to recycle into a new product.

That's when Saeger's mom, Janna Saeger, suggested she use the empty pet food bags they had around the house. They did some research and discovered that many of the bags are made from polypropylene and aren't accepted for recycling by the Spokane Regional Solid Waste System. But that doesn't mean they can't be repurposed and reused.

Lexi knew immediately that she wanted to make clothing items from the bags. “I started to like fashion and stuff in fifth grade,” she said. “I started to draw designs on paper.”

However, her first pet food-bag design, wasn't a success. “I made a tank top, but it didn't fit Betsy.”

Betsy is the dress form Lexi got for Christmas this year.

The bags have no bias and therefore no give in the material. Her second attempt – a camisole, worked better. Lexi said, “I just left it as a square and sewed spaghetti straps made out of bias tape to it.”

But she wasn't done there. She created a high-waisted skirt from a dog food bag and then accessorized the outfit with a belt and a necklace made of aluminum can pull tabs. Not satisfied with merely letting Betsy model the ensemble,cosmeticbagfactory Lexi tried it on, too. She said, “It fit me like a glove – I couldn't move.”

Her project was ready in time for the regional competition. Total cost: $2.78. Total time spent: About 14 hours.canadagoosecoats “I had to make a storyboard and write a speech.”

While she scored high enough to make it to state, her speech was too short. Lexi needed to add to her project. “My mom said, ‘Why don't you make shopping bags?'”

So,lovingjeans they turned the pet food bags inside out and ran them in their washing machine. They allowed the bags to air dry and then went to work.

Lexi hemmed the bags and sewed handles to them. “It takes me about a half an hour to make one.”

The shopping bags were a hit when she competed at the FCCLA statewide event, last month. She earned the right to continue on to the national competition in Orlando, Fla., in July.

Meanwhile the practical, reusable shopping bags featuring pictures of cute pets are drawing attention everywhere she takes them.ralphlaurensweater In fact, a manager at Albertsons on Highway 27 and 32nd Avenue liked them so much, she invited Lexi to set up a table at the store and sell them in honor of Earth Month.authenticmonclercoats She sold 15 at Albertsons at $15 per bag, and also sold several recently at Earth Day festivities in downtown Spokane. The bags are available at Sun People Dry Goods, 32 W. Second Ave.

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