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If there is one thing I have always wanted to know it is where the term monk strap originally came from. As I’ve recently learned, monk’s don’t typically wear footwear. Or if they do there are few guidelines that govern what they can put on their feet other than it shouldn’t be leather. It is in fat common to see monks in newer athletic style footwear depending on region and culture. So why call it a monk strap?

Who knows why? But it can be surmised that the name probably came from a derivative of some strap or buckle that monks used, perhaps on their clothing or bags and it has now been forever para-bonded with this semi-formal to formal style of shoe. So what can you wear the monk shoe with? Most style experts will tell you to go ahead and wear it with a suit but it truly depends on the toe of the shoe which has more to do with what it can be paired properly with than the actual closure of the shoe.Most ralphlaurenhoody can ship the same day FREE via Ground shipping.

Some may argue that laces are more traditional,The wholesalejeans offered by our store are made following the original technology . or that a penny loafer is less casual than the both of them, but honestly unless you are wearing them with shorts or stylishly high hemmed pants; then it is pointless to debate this because:

Of the people who take note of your footwear A) 99% will never see the closure and B) 99% will see the toe so…

The choice to wear monk straps to broaden your sartorial breadth and understanding is all well and good but if you decide to pick up a pair of monks, remember to buy them with intent. What I mean by this is you must have an outfit or event previously planned before you pick them out so you can either rock a pair of linen or wool shorts to show your straps off to the world, OR you can hem your slacks high enough that everyone can get a good look at your new kicks.

However for those less daring to wear dress shoes with shorts, or have never had a ticket for the flood pant express,A client requested a video to promote his canadagoosecoats site. then pick your event, pick your suit, or pant and sport jacket,List of affordable Breitling prices for used and authentic Breitling in pradahandbags. then determine which monk strap shoe would best support the wardrobe requirements of the evening with the toe in mind. For example if it is a patio party and you plan on wearing a casual pant and fun sport coat, choose a more casual toe such as a cap toe or a baroque cap toe.Best ralphlaurenpolo Have you spent a lot of time looking for the best replica watch for you? If these are still to formal then move to a plain toe, just make sure the shape of the toe (either rounded, pointed, or squared off) is one that best suits the hem of the pant. What I mean by this is a thick soled rounded toe would go poorly with a longer more casual hemmed pant. Instead, go for a rounded toe with a slight point and a thinner sole creating a sleeker silhouette.

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Behind the Poster: ‘The Bad and the Better'

When the playwright Derek Ahonen needed a poster for his latest work, the dark detective comedy "The Bad and the Better," he asked Danica Novgorodoff, a graphic novelist and illustrator, for the kitchen sink.

"There are so many crazy, chaotic characters in the play," Ms. Novgorodoff said. "He wanted the poster to be complicated and political and dangerous and violent and sexy."

"The Bad and the Better," which starts performances next month, is being produced by the raucous downtown theater troupe the Amoralists, a company that's not shy about sex, violence or an onstage erection. For past Amoralists productions of "Ghosts in the Cottonwoods" and "Hotel/Motel," Ms. Novgorodoff created posters that displayed restraint, drama and style. For "The Bad and the Better" she was able to talk Mr. Ahonen down from his original plans. A little.

"I prefer generally to make it simpler and graphic and striking rather than too chaotic and cluttered," she said.

The result is an image that's a poster, graphic novel and advertisement in one. Ms. Novgorodoff, who is based in Brooklyn, recently spoke with ArtsBeat about "Dog Day Afternoon," the Occupy movement and other inspirations for her poster. Following are edited excerpts from the conversation.


There's a lot going on in this poster. It's like the play was turned into mini graphic novel. Was that the plan?


Derek originally asked for a busy poster with car bombs and a face-off with cops and sex and drugs and war and money. He wanted it to be complicated, and have all the characters in it. I proposed a few ways to do that. One of them was to do a more graphic novel approach to it, and have different panels.I'm looking to buy a mulberryhandbags can anyone direct me?


Compared to your poster for "Ghost in the Cottonwoods" this one is a little more complex.


I was trying to fit all these things in it. But you can understand it in one glimpse. You don't want to stand there for 10 minutes reading it. You can absorb the sensibility of the play without having to spend too much time in front of it.


What other kinds of work did you find inspirational?


I actually looked at a poster for "All the President's Men." It had a very similar design to the poster I ended up making. It has a large image at the bottom, text in the middle and a long horizontal panel at top.Find a burberryhandbags Manufacturer and Supplier. I was going for a shadowy, noir image.

There was a "Chicago 10″ poster that had this American flag motif worked into it. There's also a "Chinatown" poster that I used, not really for the style so much but the noir feeling, with the figure in the foreground. There's a "Dog Day Afternoon" poster that has an image of a crowd of people in it.


The scene at the top of the poster, with the image of the protesters and the police, is pretty dramatic. Tell me more about how that came about.


There was one image from Occupy Portland. It's of a standoff between protesters who have their arms locked and the cops in their riot gear. They are standing about two feet away from each other. All the protesters have their bandanas and jeans and leather jackets and long hair. And the cops have their batons and their face masks down.


Tell me a little bit about how you work.


All the line work is hand drawn with a tiny paintbrush. It's inked by hand. Most of the color is done digitally in Photoshop.The following are some of the steps included in buying canadagooseoutlet.


What other designers inspire your work in general?


I was somewhat inspired by Mike Mignola, a graphic novelist and comic book artist. His work is very shadow-heavy and very contrasty, with black and whites and a simple palette that pops and gives a dramatic effect.


Is that a crease in the lower image? At first I wasn't sure if that was supposed to be there.


For that textured,IWC watches are warranted by our authenticjackets for a period of one year. misty, smoky background I have a black and white photograph that a friend folded up and sent to me in the mail.Buy these parkajackets on line. It's got those creases and staple marks. It's very atmospheric. I scanned that and enlarged it and put that texture in the background to give it that feel of a smoke bomb or some sort of foggy night, to make it more mysterious and ominous. I like all of my work to look very handmade.

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Travelling like a rock star

Kahn Morbee is the lead singer of South African rock band The Parlotones. The band has achieved multiplatinum-selling status – and this month they release a new album, Journey Through The Shadows.

How widely have you travelled?

"Being a member of The Parlotones means I have travelled quite widely. But due to intense schedules we don't often get to truly immerse ourselves in the cities we visit but we have always made sure we try do something beyond performing.

"We have spent a great deal of time in the UK, Europe and the US. We also had brief tours to Japan,Buy these parkajackets on line. eastern Europe, South America and parts of Africa."

Where was your favourite?

"The place I liked the most, outside SA, is California. It has so much to offer, from winelands to beaches, to snow skiing, to mountain ranges, all in relatively close proximity. And the energy in cities like New York,New authenticmonclerjackets at discount prices from SwissLuxury. London,Offering a huge selection of canadagoosecheapjackets online store . Berlin and Amsterdam is always awesome."

What do you avoid on holiday?

"Routine and doing stuff that I could do at home.List of affordable Breitling prices for used and authentic Breitling in pradahandbags. The idea of a holiday is to have new experiences and break your usual routine. This means that I am so busy that I need a holiday after my holiday just to recover."

Your favourite restaurant and food during your travels?

"This is one of my holiday pleasures. I love food, and wining and dining. I pretty much like any sort of cuisine. I'll always try something that is a traditional local dish. I would say I'm most partial to the healthy cooking styles of Asian dishes like Thai and Vietnamese. When I'm at the sea, seafood is always a must – in abundance."

Your favourite place to have sundowners on your travels?

"I'm a sucker for views, parks, the bush and the seaside. I've enjoyed sundowners on a rooftop garden in New York. I've had many a beer in a beer garden in Berlin in summer when the sun only goes down at 11pm. Cocktails and wine on the many beautiful South African coastlines.

"But my favourite would have to be a sundowner session watching Bright Eyes at SXSW festival in Texas two years ago."

Can you share some travel tips?

"Save some space in your bag for stuff you may buy.The wholesalejeans offered by our store are made following the original technology . Buy a Kindle or some e-reading device, reading feeds the mind and kills all that waiting time. Drink red wine to help you sleep on the plane, red wine has melatonin in it – the same ingredient used in sleeping pills. The benefit is red wine usually induces a good mood and its packed with anti-oxidants.

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