Why do women attack each other?

Sure, we may not all parent the same way, or make the same work choices, or agree on when a child should be allowed on Facebook or to have toy guns (or whatever), but deep down women support each other and all the fuss over such concepts is just a titillating distraction. That was the theory, anyway.

I based it on the fact that the many women who surround me are rational, decent, tolerant and supportive of each other's choices - be they mothers or non-mothers, workers or stay-at-homes, feminists or "non-feminists", breastfeeders or users of the bottle.

They are grown-ups and they don't make it personal when someone takes a different path.

Sadly, in the few weeks since, I've been proven wrong.

Not about the fact that I am lucky enough not to have come into contact with petty or vicious women, but about the fact that the resentments between various cliques are real and cut very deep.

As someone who likes to believe there is a certain sisterhood among women, not in the ideological buzz-word sense but literally, it's been a sorry few weeks of news and commentary.

Latest,Take advantage of our pradahandbags today. of course, is Time magazine's overt attempt to get women scratching each other's eyes out (a phrase I hate but which now seems apt) with its latest cover featuring the image of a hot 26-year-old mother breastfeeding a three-year-old so big he only needs a little stool to feed standing up. The heading was more judgmental: "Are You Mom Enough?" For what,Our replicahandbags are inspected and confirmed genuine and come with a new watch. you might ask, to shred the woman pictured?

Henceforth thinly disguised resentments between advocates of so-called attachment parenting (a trendy retro genre that advocates co-sleeping and extended feeding) and mothers who pursue techniques that encourage independence erupted. This came hot on the comfortable heels of feminist firebrand Germaine Greer's TV outburst (and equally bizarre follow-up column) about the size of Julia Gillard's behind and her choice of "ill-fitting jackets". "She looks as if she's wearing clothes that don't belong to her, like an organ-grinder's monkey," wrote Greer.

But as out-there as Greer's statements were,Buy shoppingbagfactory from top rated stores. what shocked me most was the way they provoked an acid storm on Twitter, women's websites and blogs over what feminism is, who has the right to call themselves one and even how relevant its hard-fought wins are to women now. Talk about self-defeating.

And don't forget the hideously destructive article written by Samantha Brick,New authenticmonclerjackets at discount prices from SwissLuxury. a contributor to London's Daily Mail, whose article lamented that women "hate me for being beautiful".

Were the piece written by Monty Python it could not have been more surreal; but sadly the bitter online smack-down that followed - from women around the world - was authentic.

Cue more in-fighting, and ranting about whether any woman has the right to be so vain.

None of these media events have left women in a stronger position, morally, politically or in terms of social clout and respect than before they came about, which saddens me.

Maturity and intellectual detachment have given way to the kind of baser emotions most women would not tolerate if they saw them in their kids.

There are those who still cling to the well-worn conspiracy theory that the patriarchy still actively oppresses and holds women back. This idea was fuelled last week by research finding companies more likely to rehire men post-GFC than women,High quality replica authenticpalphlaurenpolo of well known brands . as they think men "need the jobs more".

Ironically, the past few weeks have shown that those shadowy gender overlords needn't waste their time.

Sadly, it seems us women are only too happy to do the oppressing ourselves.

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Jackie Crozier Talks LadyRock

LadyRock was in its first year, yet had to cancel, what issues did you face?

In general, as featured throughout mass national media this year, 2012 has been an unfortunate time for festivals. In terms of issues specific to us, there really were not that many (at least that were apparent). We were thrilled with our line-up and had fantastic feedback for it. As a new brand we felt strong as an organisation, our team worked hard and we were receiving good press,IWC watches are warranted by our authenticjackets for a period of one year. both locally and nationally. Ultimately festivals are cancelled because of ticket sales and, in relation to ours, I would perhaps say that we had not made ourselves public early enough.

Whilst we had made an impact in the festival, LGBT and north west press sectors, you have to remember that we only announced the event and its full line-up around twelve weeks or so ago. In hindsight, we should have had more time so that people could get hold of their tickets and tell their friends about the event. Unfortunately we were stuck as to which months we could hold the festival in.What was the ultimate issue that forced you to cancel the festival?

Aside from planning – and I hate to sound like a stereotypical Brit – but the weather we have had for the past two or three months has been horrendous,The following are some of the steps included in buying canadagooseoutlet. particularly in Manchester. The image most have of festivals is heat, Ray Bans and cans of Strongbow, whilst all we’ve seen since February has been rain, hooded jackets and hot chocolates. Had we been in sun bathing weather for two months, who knows what could have happened.How do internet users feel about alexanderwangreplica?

In general, as I said before,Welcome to Find The Best Watches Online-canadagoosecoat. many UK festivals have been cancelled this year. National events such as the Queen’s Jubilee and The Olympics have meant many individuals re-think their ‘big weekends’ and celebrations around patriotism (which I fully support). I know the word is batted about so much but, in addition to this,You can find all the cheapchaneljewellery you need here. the recession is constantly worrying people into where they spend their pennies. This has obviously affected us in the same way it has done other festivals.

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