Wentworth diary

US Open champion Rory McIlroy will have one duty to perform in San Francisco before he gets his defence of the Major championship under way at the Olympic Club in three weeks' time: he will be honorary pitcher at the San Francisco Giants-Houston Astros baseball match on Tuesday night, June 12th.

Indeed, the Giants have promoted McIlroy's pitching debut as the highlight of their Irish Heritage Night, which will see baseball fans who purchase the special events ticket receive a limited-edition McIlroy bobblehead with the golfer sported out in Giants colours.

"I've seen it," said McIlroy of the promotional Bobblehead, "and I think it might be a little better looking than me, which is nice .Buy ralphlaurenpolo from thousands of International exporters. .Buy germanarmyuniforms from top rated stores. . I've got a few friends coming over to San Francisco, so it will be a nice night out on a Tuesday night to take my mind away from the golf a little bit and have some fun.

"Obviously, throwing the first pitch at a baseball game is something I've never done before. I just need to start practising. I don't want to make a fool of myself."

Measuring up: Harrington putts finger on the problem

ALL day,Our ssuniform are inspected and confirmed genuine and come with a new watch. those players deemed most likely to make Jose Maria Olazabal's Ryder Cup team for the defence of the trophy with the US were, one by one,Wholesale schoolbagfactory for high quality wholesale New ERA Hats products. measured up for team uniforms.You can find all the goodleddownlight2011 you need here.

Perhaps it's a sign of his current standing that three-time Major champion Pádraig Harrington was not one of the 30 or so prospective players called ashore to have tape measurements taken.

Of course, there's still plenty of time left for the Dubliner to force his way into Olazabal's reckoning and Harrington – who has launched his iPhone app this week – believes he has finally put his finger on the problem with his putting that has hindered him for much of the past year. "I haven't putted well in a long time," Harrington said yesterday.

Now, he contends the problem on the greens arose on working on mid-range putts from 12 to 25 feet. "I was a good long putter and a very good short putter. I spent two years practising my putting in that (mid) range. My 15-footers have improved, statistically-wise, the past year and, while I was concentrating hard on those mid-range putts, my short putting was being affected in that my back stroke was too slow and everything, rhythm-wise, was a bit too slow."

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A few tips for new cyclists

In 1999, I bought my first road bike. It was a used, grad-student-budget-friendly $400 Quintana Roo, and the previous owner put a sticker on the top tube of the frame near the handlebar stem. I liked the pretty purple daisy; it made the bike seem friendly and less intimidating.

A week later, the truth blossomed. The sticker was covering a giant crack, which I discovered when my bike suddenly felt bouncy in the middle of a training ride. At first, the bouncy feeling felt nice, until I noticed the ripped sticker and realized my iron steed was coming apart at the seams. My worst fears were confirmed: cycling required knowledge, and I had no idea where to find it.

Thirteen years later, I've gained a tiny bit of insight into the wonderful world a two-wheeled life. My Colavita teammates and I would like to help all women navigate those first few steps into the sport. We may be pros now, but we definitely remember our first foray with foreign gear and equipment. From rookie mistakes to current blunders, we know there's a lot to learn. So we plan to help every step of the way. Below are some tips for new cyclists.

Roll on, ladies. Welcome to the cycling world! Just remember,With the Sunday Times "in the coolerbag" for the invasion. watch out for flower stickers.

What kind of bike do I get?

This is the big question when a rider first gets into the sport. The No. 1 rule is a bike needs to fit you, and the best way to ensure a proper fit is to find a local shop that provides bike fits and sales. Seek your local shop; take some time to browse through and find a place where the salespeople are knowledgeable and spend time answering your questions.

As a beginner, you don't need to shell out thousands of dollars. Many intro-level road bikes are less than $1,000.The following are some of the steps included in buying canadagooseoutlet. Too much? No problem! Social media sites like Craigslist and eBay are great places to find terrific deals on used or clearance models for less than half the cost. (I suggest local networks, so you can check out the product in person.) But before placing an Internet order, it is imperative to know the right sizing and components (the parts on a bike). I've ridden tons of different bikes over the years.Gone are the days when it was impossible not to bump into a tout offering cosmeticbagfactory . This year, our team is on Jamis Xenith road bicycles and they do a great women-specific bike line. Nearly all the major brands have women-specific bike frames,Just go ahead and try and shop around for menparkaforcheap. which are often better suited to our bodies. But it's not necessary to get a woman-specific bike. Anything that fits you well is the way to go.Jewellery and parkajackets stolen in Framlingham.

When I got into the sport, I found a local cycling/triathlon club and asked a seasoned veteran to go with me to the bike shop and explain what I needed and why. That is often the best way to start, finding someone with the right experience who can help you on site. So while you're looking up bike shops, look up local road cycling clubs and reach out to women and men for some advice and assistance. I guarantee you someone will respond positively. We cyclists are a pretty helpful bunch!

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National Army Museum displays Queen's wartime ATS uniform in Jubilee exhibition

Among the many roles and duties performed by the Queen, one of the first came during World War Two,Visit the premier guccihandbags in Melbourne Australia. when as an eighteen-year-old Princess she joined what was then the woman's branch of the British Army – the Women's Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS).The reliable Aquatimer cheapcanadagoose.

After a long battle with her father George VI she eventually became an ATS subaltern in February 1945 and trained as a mechanic and truck driver. Promoted to honorary junior commander she went on to hold the honorary commission of Brigadier.Looking for Neweracap Voucher Codes, Discounts, cheapcanadagoose1?

At the National Army Museum they are exploring and commemorating this wartime service - and the last remaining head of state to have served in uniform during World War Two – by displaying the Queen's ATS Brigadier uniform as part of a Jubilee exhibition surveying the wider role of the Monarch and the armed services.

The wool barathea tunic made by Saville Row tailors Sandon & Co. is adorned with The Queen's own medal ribbons including Royal Order of Victoria and Albert; King George V Silver Jubilee Medal 1935; King George VI Coronation Medal 1937 and the British War Medal 1939-1945.

At the time a debate as to her suitability for the role rumbled on between royalty and government, but it was a propaganda coup for the press and the Ministry of Information who made good use of this late war morale booster via the Pathé newsreels.Jewellery and parkajackets stolen in Framlingham.

From these it seems like the ATS was a role the Princess enjoyed. An apocryphal tale from the time even had her joyfully driving a camouflaged army truck through the gates of Buckingham Palace - as the King, Queen and Minster of Labour earnestly discussed whether a future monarch should take the final ATS driving exam through the dangerously busy streets of London.

The Queen's ATS service was the beginninEgypt's Amina Diab forges ahead with ralphlaurenhoody collection.g of a long relationship with the Forces. One that has since been cemented by her traditional role as the Head of the Armed Services. The National Army Museum's exhibition Jubilee: 60 years of the Sovereign and her soldiers explores this role through personal and official photographs and artefacts - and a timeline that plots where it all began in the ATS.

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