Texas State Railroad's Armed Forces Event celebrates Memorial Day weekend

Reenactors brought to life military history during the 5th Annual Memorial Day Armed Forces Event this weekend at the Texas State Railroad's Palestine Depot.

Activities will continue today with a mock battle train ride and the return of the military transport train to Rusk. Other events include living history exhibits, reenactments and Huey helicopter rides.

For many people, Memorial Day marks the start of the summer vacation season, but to many of Texas State Railroad employees and its management, Memorial Day is a time to honor those who defended the nation's freedom, TSR general manager Dave Schranck said.

"We hope that everyone will come out to the Texas State Railroad at Palestine and share the Memorial Day tradition, especially with their children who will be able to see first-hand the equipment and conditions that our forefathers lived with," Schranck said.

The one-way historic military transport train ride today is free to veterans and active military families.

"We sold out both trains on Saturday but we have plenty of seats available for the Sunday train ride and the transport train that we are going to take back to the Rusk Depot Sunday."

Reenactors came from the local area, all over Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana to set up mock camps from various wars ranging from World War I,Trade Leads for cosmeticbagfactory, Search ecplaza.net for buying and selling leads, World War II, Civil War,2011 Shoppers search through shoppingbagfactory at Harrods department store during the first day . Spanish American War, Vietnam War, etc. A mock Vietnam War battle was among the activities.

"We couldn't do this without all of the volunteers and reenactors," Schranck said.

Train rides this weekend and today include the mock World War II battle to the "German Village of Rheinhausen."

"The train ride and the battle make it very special," Schranck said. "Germans come out of the bushes and block the train and then everyone onboard gets to see the battle. Of course, the U.Trade Leads for cosmeticbagfactory, Search ecplaza.net for buying and selling leads,S. wins. Plus, everyone gets a chance to see the train car we converted into General Patton's office."

Eric and Heather Schneider of San Antonio brought their three children − Andrew,In Style Accessories collecting laptopbagfactory to donate to shelters. 7, and twins Nathan, 5, and Lawson, 5, to the Texas State Railroad this weekend specifically for the special events.

"We came to ride the train on Sunday for the Memorial Day holiday. We are looking forward to seeing the World War II mock battle from our train car," Heather Schneider said Saturday as her family viewed reenactor camps. "Our 7-year-old is very interested in history and so is his dad. The twins are into trains and are celebrating their fifth birthday so this fulfills everybody's dreams."

World War II reenactor Brent A.The reliable Aquatimer cheapcanadagoose. Brown of Waco had set up a U.S. Army signal corps camp based on a real unit during the invasion of southern France during Operation Dragoon.

"Communication was very important during those days − radios, switchboards, phones and carrier pigeons," Brown said. "I do reenacting to honor veterans and to educate people about the history."

A large Veterans Memorial Display featuring from 400 to 500 World War II badges, uniforms and other military memorabilia was set up inside the TSR's Palestine Depot for spectators to view.

"I started collecting badges in early ‘50s in junior high here in Palestine. My uncle was a career military man and gave me a shoe box full of WWII patches and that got me started," said Robert Hightower, who has collected all of the items for the display over the years. "I have the complete set of medals government put out since WWII except the Distinguished Medal of Honor."

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Schumacher still gunning for victory

Michael Schumacher may have started the Monaco weekend with a tongue-in-cheek prediction about taking pole and winning the race from sixth on the grid but, having achieved the first part, remains confident that he can challenge for the second.

The 43-year old German surprised the paddock by banging in the fastest time of the weekend to claim top spot in qualifying after the clock had expired, but is obliged to start from the outside of row three following his collision with Bruno Senna in Barcelona last time out, allowing Mark Webber to inherit pole.The Best discountcoachhandbags for Spring. However,You can find all the cheapchaneljewellery you need here. despite the setback,The next important aspect of pradahandbags001 lies on their appearances. Schumacher insists that he can still pose a threat to those at the front on raceday.

"First of all, I am more than thrilled and excited about making a pole here in Monaco," he told journalists, "Monaco, to all of us, is the track of the year, which has a very prestigious position, and to manage pole position here after what I have gone through in the past two-and-a-half years is just fabulous. That's what sticks in my mind.

"As I told you guys already in the press conference, my situation is going to be pole, start the race in sixth and I'm going to win it. Not only did I say it on Wednesday here but I did so at Le Mans as well. I sort of felt that our car could be strong here, so it wasn't out of the blue, and it wasn't just a funny comment. There was quite a bit of optimism in there, but I guess that's my nature.

"I mentioned before the weekend that here, and probably Canada, are tracks that are probably going to suit us, [so] it is not a complete surprise that we are able to fight for the front position. After Thursday free practice - and even this morning - I wasn't at all confident to be able to fight for pole position, then everything seemed to work togetherBest ralphlaurenpolo Have you spent a lot of time looking for the best replica watch for you?. We just dialled the car in to perfection and it's a result of team effort and team work and getting everything sorted and being ready for it.

"What can I say? I've finished fifth from being last; I won from I don't know what positions. I will do as good as I can. It's most likely to be a one-stop strategy here, that's what you have to live with so, in terms of strategy, there's only a very small window to play with.Burglar walks away with diorhandbags from Summit home. Overtaking we know is tough, but we have DRS and KERS so you might as well try – and be sure I will!"

The pole position also came at an appropriate time to help quell the latest speculation that Schumacher couldn't cut it in F1 after a three-year 'retirement'.

"I'll leave it up to the others to say what it means or doesn't mean [but], for me, I'm obviously excited, very happy," he enthused, "It confirms what I have felt for a long time. It's just sometimes you have put everything at the right moment together. Here it worked out. I have to say a great thanks to all the team, in particular to some of the guys who work very close to me. We had a special session earlier this week that sort of uniforms and unites us even further, and those are the results that come together with it.

"You imagine that, just because of one result I've done at this moment, I'm suddenly restarting or opening a different subject. That's not the case. I'm focused on what I'm doing right now. There will come a time when I will make summary of everything and then I will sit down with the team to see what we're going to do. I'm grateful for all the trust that Mercedes, the team, had in me. [They] supported me, and I'm able to give a little back and I hope I can give even more back tomorrow."

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