What’s Hers Is Yours: Alex White’s Yard Sale

With over 20 years in fashion−16 of them as the fashion and style director of W−Alex White has amassed enough fashion to fill a house. More than one house, actually, as she explained to Style.com, which is part of the impetus behind the almost-everything-must-go yard sale she’s throwing in Amagansett, New York, this weekend, where she’ll offer up pieces from Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, YSL, and Marc Jacobs that she’s deaccessioning from her own closet. The other motivation: a good cause.Never retail for lessthan $250 Moreover if the cheapcanadagoose claimsthewatch is Tag Aquaracer 20082 on saleor. Proceeds from the sale will go to the Ideal School for special-needs children, where her own daughter India (left, with White) is enrolled. White checked in with Style.com to offer a preview of what you’ll find, a few pieces you won’t, and what she’s working on now.

Alex White and the Ideal School’s fashion yard sale takes place this Saturday, July 14th, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Miss Amelia’s Cottage,I'm looking to buy a jacketswomens can anyone direct me? Main Street, Amagansett, NY.

−Matthew Schneier

What inspired you to clean house?

I finally ran out of space to store clothes, even with a storage space in Manhattan, storage in East Hampton, and now a town house with a basement and lots of rooms…Clearly I had become a fashion hoarder and I needed to make a serious edit. All the editing of collections with designers that I do as part of my professional consulting goes out the window when it comes to my own closet.

How did you choose the Ideal School as the beneficiary?

I became involved with the Ideal School when my developmentally delayed daughter India joined two years ago. India, who is on a feeding tube and has global delays, is able to be in a classroom alongside children, some of whom may have similar issues and some who are regular developing kids. This experience has taught India so much, to be with her peers. She is now able to count to 40, knows her ABCs, and is learning to read. The children and all the wonderful teachers encourage and bring out her full potential; it is very moving.

The Ideal is a privately funded school and is relocating to a new building. I wanted to do something to raise funds and awareness. I hope that if this sale is a success there will be more to follow.List of affordable Breitling prices for used and authentic Breitling in canadagoosecoat.

What can people expect to see at the sale?

There are pieces by many designers−a lot of bags and shoes. I am particularly fond of buying shoes that I shall never be able to walk in, and these are going. With a wall of handbags at home, the ones I never use are going to raise money for a great cause. Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, Marni, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Gucci…clothing by the same, plus a more casual wardrobe selection of Isabel Marant, Alexander Wang, and so on.

There will also be a raffle. I’m trying to think what will be the prize for this. Maybe a limited-edition Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton Monogram handbag. Who can resist that? The raffle tickets are $5 each, or 3 for $10. The raffle will be drawn at 4 p.m.

Are there pieces from your own archive that you’d never part with?

I still have a personal archive, although now it’s much smaller than it used to be. There are some pieces I could never part with, things that were made specifically for me. A tartan dress by Alexander McQueen from one of his early collections when we were both just beginning to establish ourselves in the fashion industry. My wedding dress,High quality discountskirts Product of well known brands .Wholesale canadagooseparka for high quality wholesale New ERA Hats products. made by Miuccia Prada with custom accessories. The divine Gosling feather cocktail dress by Oscar de la Renta…

What have you been up to since leaving W? What’s next for Alex White?

After starting in the fashion business at 19, I am currently working on taking more time to be with my children, learning to improve my French, to paddle board, and thinking about what I really want to do with the next 43 years!

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Shaolin Institute Brings Home 5 More Gold Medals

After his old Sanshou team captain Cung Le & team member Melvin Guillard have won their MMA professional fights at UFC 148, Master Shawn Liu led a team of Sanda (Sanshou) fighters from his private institute to Orlando, Florida to participate in the 14th Annual International Chinese Martial Arts Championship World Wide Circuit and brought home 14 medals in various categories including Sanda, Kungfu forms and weapons.

The Shaolin Institute team of 12 competitors brought home 14 medals after competing in the 14th Annual International Chinese Martial Arts Championship in Orlando, Florida. Students under Grand Master Shawn Liu (Shi DeRu) from the Shaolin Institute are accustomed to not only performing in front of as many as 20 thousand spectators but also mesmerizing and captivating the eyes of audiences of national and international fighting events, such as his old US team captain Cung Le’s and senior team member Melvin Guillard’s extraordinary performances at UFC 148; Li Qiang’s and Chen Zhe’s performances in 2011 LEGENDS of KUNG-FU WORLD MARTIAL ARTS CHAMPIONSHIP; Shi Zhongqin’s incredible performance at 2010 Chinese International Martial Arts Championship World Wide Circuit; and the performances of Weal Karika Mohammed, Andy Ngo and Patrick Barry in many other international Sanshou fighting events.

These young masters and martial artists pit their skills against champions from all over the world; nothing will stop these champions from leaving behind a True Shaolin Legacy. Altogether they have brought home to the US hundreds of medals in the past 20 years from international Sanda/Sanshou kickboxing and Kungfu-Wushu championship events.Welcome to Find The Bestwholesalejeans.

Shawn Liu, the Grand Master of the institute, who was given the name as “God Father of US Sanshou” by Kung Fu magazine and "Father of American Sanda" by CCTV networks, has been in the southeast area of the US since 1986. He is best known for his lineage as a descendant of the Shaolin Temple Spiritual Great Grand Master Monk Shi Suxi and is the only martial arts Master in the Southeastern part of the United States who has the full knowledge and experience that would lead students on a path to learn the esthetic ways of the traditional Shaolin Culture and Arts.High-End authenticguccihandbags at Convenient Locations .

Master Shawn Liu led a team of Sanda (Sanshou) fighters from his private institute to Orlando, Florida to participate in the 14th Annual International Chinese Martial Arts Championship World Wide Circuit on July 13-15, 2012. With hundreds of competitors hailing from the United States and abroad,Burglar walks away with suits from Summit home. 12 competitors under Shawn Liu’s tutelage did not disappoint the audience and the Southeastern region they’ve come to represent. Among fighters,Flashing bright green contact lenses and valuableedhardy . four of them won gold medals while one fighter got a silver medal. Other competitors competed in Tai Chi, Traditional Kung Fu–practiced by martial artists such as Jackie Chan,Gone are the days when it was impossible not to bump into a tout offering ssuniform . Jet Li, and Bruce Lee–and Sanshou/Sanda (Chinese Kickboxing), which is like Muay Thai but has extra combative wrestling and interception techniques. The following are the results of their competition:

Sanda Competition

Vlad Levenfeld won the light weight Title Belt in Sanda Kickboxing; Javonti Knockum won a middle weight division gold medal in Sanda Kickboxing; Chen Zhe won a feather weight division gold medal in Sanda Kickboxing; Ariel Haigler got a gold medal in semi-contact Sanda teen Kickboxing female division; and Brandon Harrell got a silver medal in teen Sanda Kickboxing division.

Bare Hand Fighting Forms and Weapons Competition

Breana McIntosh won a gold medal in traditional female teen weapons division & a bronze medal in traditional bare hand fighting forms division; Gabe Butler got a silver medal in boys’ traditional weapons division; Eleah Nokovich got a silver medal in traditional senior teen’s female weapons division and a bronze medal in bare hand female fighting form division; Josh Blue got a bronze medal in traditional male weapons division; Sunshine Hebert got a silver medal in Tai Chi female division & silver in bare hand traditional fighting form division; and Doug Bourgeois got a bronze medal in Tai Chi 24 form division.

Over the course of 20 years teaching in the United States, Grandmaster Shawn Liu, along with his Shaolin Institute, is continuously recognized by members of the Martial Arts World as the leading authority of Sanda/Sanshou Kickboxing. Grandmaster Liu has served as US National Head Coach for the World Wushu Sanda/Sanshou Championships for 10 years after being voted by over 80% of the fighters and all of the USAWKF board members in 1995. Since his arrival in the US in 1986, he has been training hundreds of US National Champions all over the country, which includes 5 World Champions.

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