Mr Armstrong, who lives in Summersvere Close

Cycling on footpaths has reached epidemic proportions,monclerouterwear says Three Bridges pensioner

PENSIONERS have resorted to pulling people off their bikes because dangerous cycling on footpaths has reached an "epidemic state".

Despite police warnings that cyclists are breaking the law by not sticking to the roads, footpaths are becoming a race track for many riders, according to Brian Armstrong.

The 71-year-old says that some elderly people are now taking matters into their own hands after narrowly avoiding serious injury.

Mr Armstrong, who lives in Summersvere Close, Three Bridges, said: "I walk to Tesco to get the paper and have to negotiate the blind corners very carefully. If cyclists come round at speed you just have to dive out of the way.

"My wife won't walk down there and I'm starting to get to that stage. I try to tell these people but you just get a mouthful of abuse. It has got to an epidemic state in Crawley.shoppingbag

"I pulled someone off their bike because they nearly knocked me down.

"You shouldn't have to step out of the way when they are breaking the law.

"They say it is dangerous to cycle on the road but wear a helmet, wear a high visibility jacket, get a bell on your bike and you will be fine."

Mr Armstrong's neighbour,laptopbagfactory Cyril Moore,authenticmonclerjackets has had similar experiences. He was driven to act after his wife was nearly knocked over by a speeding cyclist.

He said: "Some of these cyclists are doing 40 miles per hour and the path is very narrow. My wife was nearly mown down one day so I got hold of him and ended up jumping all over his bike so he couldn't use it again.

"I don't see the authorities doing anything about it. These cyclists have got their green credentials under their backsides and their brains are getting squashed on the saddle.

"They just don't care."

Mr Moore said the police and council need to do more to safeguard pedestrians and remind cyclists they should not be cycling on footpaths.

He said: "We need to get the authorities together to promote care of pedestrians before someone gets hurt."

Police say they are carrying out high-visibility patrols in Three Bridges and stopping cyclists on pavements to issue them with fixed penalty notices where appropriate.rolexshop

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super kicker rodeo highlights 2012 edmore potato festival

Cowgirls and cowboys of all ages in Western shirts, boots and belt buckles as big as the Edmore water tower showcased their rodeo skills at the Super Kicker Rodeo at this weekend’s annual Potato Festival.

Presented by main title sponsor Randall’s Old Mill, the rodeo stands were filled to capacity at Webb Field, formerly Montabella Community School’s football field.

In his fourth year as festival organizer, Rich Adgate takes great pride in the community’s support. The success of the event is due largely to the businesses and community members, he said.

“I can’t begin to thank all the community members who came out this weekend to help with the festival,” said Adgate. “The rodeo was a success because of their hard work over the past few months, specifically yesterday, where if we got to 300 adult tickets and 150 kids tickets I would be happy. I believe we surpassed the 800 mark, easily.”

The rodeo competition began with a flag salute around the arena led by Edmore’s Lil Rasmussen on her quarter horse “Doc,” followed by the national anthem and a cowboy prayer.

“I’ve been trying for the last three years to get one (a rodeo) into Edmore,” Rasmussen said. “I recommended Super Kicker Rodeo to Rich Adgate. They’re fantastic,kungfuschool one of the best in Michigan. I had retired as a rodeo girl, but now I’m thinking about giving it another go.”

Action-packed bull riding, saddle bronc and bareback bronco riding, team calf roping and barrel racing gave the crowd quite a show. Rodeo clowns did more than distract raging bulls as they entertained the audience with amusing one-liners the entire evening.

Wee wranglers did a little mutton busting, while other kids 7 to 12 became part of the show, too. Wearing one shoe, they raced − girls first, then boys − to retrieve their other shoe positioned in the center of the arena. The winner was the first to return to the starting line wearing both shoes.

A few area riders participated in the rodeo competition, along with other rodeo regulars from Michigan and neighboring states.coachhandbags

Local cowgirl 17-year-old Gabby Larson of Stanton has barrel raced since she was 6 years old. Although she wasn’t happy with her time Saturday night, she thought having a rodeo near her hometown was awesome.

“She was nervous,” said Larson’s mom, Joanne, after the competition. “She’s not used to racing in front of people she knows.germanarmyuniforms

Other festival offerings kept things hopping around Edmore, as well − a 5K run/walk, farmers market, neighborhood yard sales, fries and potatoes prepared by local churches, the AMVETS breakfast, museum tours, mud volleyball, dodge ball and,schoolbagfactory of course, the parade.

Families gathered downtown for Saturday morning’s parade. Ron Farrell, retired longtime superintendent of Montabella Community Schools, was honored as grand marshal. He and his wife, Sharron, waived to the community gathered along Main Street (M-46) from high atop an Avalon pontoon.

Webb Field bustled with activity − carnival games and rides, music, a flea market, car and bike show, Lego display and an outdoor expo.

The Edmore Lions Club’s Third Annual Outdoor Expo featured more than 20 vendors displaying their products and literature under a 50-by-150-foot tent at the west end of Webb Field.

At the opposite end, it was Lego city. Lego means “let’s play” in Danish, according to Scot Thompson of Bay City, president of the Michigan Lego Users Group. He’s been playing with Legos since the late 1980s when his mother bought him a Lego train set at a yard sale. After he set it up, his imagination simply took over.

“I said, ‘We have mass transportation, now we need a city,’” Thompson remembered. “So I took all my old Legos and built 53 facades of houses and buildings. I just had fun and started building.”

Thompson’s Lego display − complimented by an interactive play area − opened many eyes to creative possibilities in Lego building.menparkacheap

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The Investment Dresser: Three best necklaces

Much as I admire huge cocktail rings and queeny (in every sense) brooches - the affectionate of affair appearance types like to alarm Statement Pieces - I absolutely adulation those $.25 of jewellery that are so attenuate they about become allotment of your body, in the way that aroma should, ideally, admix unobtrusively with whatever pheromones you appear to be giving off.

I don't beggarly actually allotment of your body. The accepted chic for beef tunnels, those atramentous animate cylinders that gradually amplitude the boilerplate pin-prick ear acute until, proportionally speaking, it's the admeasurement of a man-hole? Too awful for me and, I worry, apparently not that aseptic - which shows how acclimatized I am. No, accord me a actual accomplished alternation with a tiny diamond-studded brawl from Astley Clarke. Make it gold, please.backpackfactory Silver does annihilation for my olive/yellow skin.

La-di-dah, you're thinking, but you're auctioning money abroad if you buy the amiss metal for your colouring. And blow assured, that brawl is about as baby as a gnat and the precious stones even teenier than said gnat's brain.

Why bother at all in that case, you're apparently wondering? I did myself if I saw it in its box.chloehandbags But I've beat my little brawl and alternation every day for two years. The alternation is that absolute breadth that ensures the brawl sits neatly in the clavicle - one of the prettiest locations of a woman's physique and affirmed never to get fat or wrinkly.pradahandbags That agency you get a lot of appulse for your bucks.authenticguccihandbags The chain's so accomplished it about doesn't annals except as a admirable beam on your skin.travellingbagfactory Handy if you're cutting clothes that get in the way of jewels, or if you're on the beach.

But about abundant you analyze with some of your jewellery, it's consistently acceptable to blooper it off now and afresh and go bare. As a bactericide admeasurement it's capital in the action adjoin affliction below the afar and afar of necklaces and accord bracelets that are so simple to accumulation on over the years. And you'll acknowledge it so abundant added if you put it aback on.

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