Soon-to-be brides gathered for bridal show in Biloxi

Future brides filled the Coast Coliseum on Sunday to meet face to face with potential wedding vendors. Elegant tablescapes were a sight to see as they lined the entrance of the show.

A crowd of mostly women roamed various booths each featuring the latest in make-up, catered food and wedding cakes, wedding photographs, musical selections, rental items, invitations and several other essentials needed to make the perfect wedding. A bridal lounge gave attendees a chance to take a break in between wedding vendors.

"The photo booth was huge.A new addition to the zuhairmurad collection . Broome's catering, we had a line. They may still have a line. Pine Hills was making bouquets for brides. The fashion shows were packed. The tablescapes have been really popular for the brides to look at," Premier Bridal Show Producer Lynda Jungkind said.

A fashion show ended the event. Models of all sizes walked down the runway in wedding gowns, as well as, bridesmaid dresses.

With the average cost of a wedding set at $28,000 officials warn future brides,The mencanadagoosea is made longer to protect thighs from extreme cold . "Don't try to plan the wedding yourself."

"The biggest issue is brides try to do it themselves. So this is why we have this, so they can meet the wedding professionals who can make it happen. So their wedding will be stress free," Jungkind said.

Last year, Mississippi removed the three-day waiting period for a marriage license and the bride and groom no longer have to undergo premarital blood test for syphilis.

"They changed the marriage laws so there is no waiting period so for the coast, which is a destination wedding for a lot of people. They can come.This ralphlaurenhoody will meet your current mountaineering expectations. There is no waiting period at all so it's a huge boom for the coast and places like Natchez where people come from all over the world to get married.Our site offers a variety of ballgownweddingdress, colorful selection of short or plus size dresses under 100. So for the State of Mississippi, which has a high tourism rate, it's a huge boom for us," Jungkind said.

Jungkind said planning a wedding takes up to 12 to 15 months out from the wedding date.

Tips for brides-to-be:

1.) Know who the wedding professionals are.

2.) Hire a wedding professional.Lace cap sleeve dropped waist lace tulle lacedress.

3.) If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. So do your dual diligence when working with various wedding professionals.

If you missed the show, not to worry. Another Premier Bridal Show will be held on July 28 at the Biloxi Civic Center.

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UPDATED: Bridal Showcase connects vendors with couples to plan a dream wedding day

Dreams for the perfect wedding day have started coming true for Stillwater's Bridal Showcase grand prize winner, Mackinsey Couch. The bride-to-be won a mixer from Murphy's Department Store, a Colonial Florist gift basket, towels and throw from JC Penney, a hope chest from Furniture Showcase and two Taste of Home cookbooks from the Stillwater NewsPress at the Saturday event in the Oklahoma State University Wes Watkins Center. She plans to marry Hunter Weaver in May 2014 – and she said it's important to start preparations early so "you're not stressed out as a bride."

From confetti cannons to bubble machines, or black lights and neon screens for shadow dancing, the bride has lots of choices, said Brittany Venable of Black Tie Wedding DJ's and lighting.

"There are so many different things to look at for the entire wedding," said bride-to-be Cheyenne Overland. "The showcase reminds you of things you wouldn't think to do."

Terry Monroe, owner of Murphy's Department Store, has seen preparations for weddings differ over the years. In business since 1926, Murphy's has offered bridal registry for the community through generations of families.

"It's changed over the years – now everything is less formal with brides wanting more budget friendly items," Monroe said. All the brides visiting his booth were going to get 10% off any purchase through June 30 which can represent a significant savings when trying to set up a household.

Ashley Sprague of Whimisical Photography, both a bride and a vendor at the event, said the bridal showcase is a good way to book customers for the year. Karen May of Blazing Rock Productions said the event is very productive for her business, too. She said the showcase allows her to connect with couples and review their needs. Carlease Carter of Designs by Lisa is hoping to expand her business with her daughter Nakylia Bickham so the bridal showcase was a way to target their marketing to potential customers. More than 500 people wandered through the booths with over 150 brides registered for the grand prize drawing. Some were on a mission with an entourage of girlfriends and mothers with planner notebooks in hand.

"Bridezilla" is the common term in the industry when the bride is on a war path for the perfect nuptial. Many vendors at the bridal showcase have years of experience working with engaged couples to alleviate any bridezilla-like symptons. Brides sometimes get so caught up in the rituals of planning they forget to enjoy the experience, said Leslee Leaming of Memorie in Motion Videography.

"A lot of times in the midst of the wedding, brides miss out on what is really going on around them – so a video becomes their memory of the day," Leaming said.

I DO, a wedding invitation vendor recorded bride's engagement stories for a best proposal contest during the bridal showcase. Sisters Cassie and Emilee Fangman, with two weddings scheduled in this year for their family,Aquarium canadagooseparkajackets fish are a popular option for home . were trying to get ideas for their weddings this year but were hoping to win the proposal story contest as they took a break from sampling all the vendor's treats.

Many booths offered free tastings and for groom David Tresner – it was all about the food.

"I'm here to taste cakes," said Tresner, "and I want to be a part of the decision making as much as possible." From barbeque to cheese appetizers and candy coated strawberries, amaretto cupcakes, and even healthy chocolate, Xocai, the food was a delight for all the visitors. Tresner's advice to other grooms is "do what you're told." He will marry Katherine Terrel on October 12.

Zoe Littlejohn and Trent Maness came to the show together to get ideas for their May 17, 2014 nuptial. Maness said he provides his bride with a second opinion and they will be looking at wedding attire next.

Stacia Smith of Formal Fantasy said bridal fashions will be seeing a lot of ruffles and green this year – as the Pantone Color Institute has named emerald green as color of the year. Smith said she can outfit a bride from head tWe are a professional wedding cheapmotherofthebridedresses company, embracing rich ...o toe, along with fashions for attendants and even flower girls. Her fashions were modeled by Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority members. Maxine Russell of Costumes,Perfect winter and summer motherofhebridedresses to suit every style and occasion. Balloons & Stuff provided the tuxedoes modeled by Sigma Phi Epsilson members. Jess Barnes of Black Tie Wedding DJ's and Lighting emceed the fashion show. Meridian Technology students designed the hair for the models.

"The bridal showcase gives our students the chance to learn to work with special occasion hair and a feel for what it would be like to be involved in a wedding,Online shopping for custom made designer laceweddingveils. " said cosmetology instructor Sue Dearinger who has been assisting with the showcase for more than five years.

Caleb Russell was excited about modeling in the show because "you don't get to dress up that often and escort beautiful girls." None of the models were engaged but several said "a girl can dream.Find the perfect halterweddingdresses for any special occasion."

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StyleWeek: Kara Wickman's designs

StyleWeek is here and fashion designer, Kara Wickman, can finally showcase months of hard work on the runway.

“It has taken me since Sept. 1 until now,” said Kara. “The night of the show I'm also last minute – little buttons, little steaming – it doesn't end until I walk that final runway with the girls.Our shop offer new stlye parkajackets, Big Discount and Free Shipping.”

Kara works out of a small studio where she creates her designs, but it wasn't always that way.

“I started sewing out of my living room,” said Kara. “I was eight months pregnant with my second child and I had no space in my house whatsoever.”

Thanks to her father, who is in construction, Kara moved out of her cramped workspace and into a studio that is big enough for her to sketch, cut, sew, and iron all of her designs.

“Pretty much everything, start to finish is me,” said Kara.

As a working mother, Kara understands a woman on the go. She incorporates a busy lifestyle into her designs and attempts to make fashion easier by creating a look that can go from day to night.

“I like to design pieces that anyone could be accessible to,Find low cut weddinggown for all your formal events.” said Kara. “Business women can have a nice corset on underneath a blazer with pants, and at night go out to dinner with her husband for cocktails and take the jacket off.”

Creating ageless,More Cheap menparkacheap for sale. timeless, and seasonless pieces, Kara's designs come easily to her. She looks to a French woman's aesthetic for inspiration.

“It just comes to me,” said Kara. “I think it's a part of me and my personality. I'm inspired every day by something.”

It is Kara's fifth Style Week and she is no rookie. Expect structured pieces for the every-day woman, but with a whimsical twist. She is hoping to have a look that women want to wear.

“Bling, there's going to be some bling coming down that runway for sure,” said Kara. “Usually From traditional sheathweddingdresses with hand sewn beads to festive quinceanera gowns.I like to say my collections are from the board room to the cocktail party. Let's just say this time it's board room to bordreux.”

In Praise of Messy Lives should elevate Roiphe to the critical attention that she deserves. In fact, both The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times included it on their favorite book lists for 2012. Yet, when I bring Roiphe up among my friends,New fashion styles of formalofficedresses are on hot sale. whose names often appear in the Sunday Review of the New York Times or aspire to be on the covers of bestselling books, they dismiss her. When I cajole them to look beyond ideology, beyond the feminist wars of the 1990s, beyond her confessional narratives about divorce, and praise her simply for her impressive ability to write a sentence, they smirk. I worry about this, not because I think they are envious or because they lack the intelligence and generosity to appreciate her writing, but because Roiphe is one of the writers who continues to get beaten down, but remains deeply committed to the belief that writers should debate and disagree, even when it seems to cost her so much. I worry about the fact that critics degrade Roiphe as simply a "provocateur," and not as a formidable thinker. I worry about how we live in a culture where thousands of books are published each year, but so few of them actually present a well-thought out position that inspires a new way of thinking. Roiphe manages to do that, and perhaps it is because I am a historian, trained in observing how iconoclasts have been dismissed during their lives, but then praised posthumously, that I continue to hold the candle for her.

Yet before I even listed a PhD after my name, Katie Roiphe formed part of an imaginary trinity (taking her place next to Lauryn Hill and Matt Damon) that I carried around in my back pocket for each time the culture referred to my generation as "X" or turned Winona Ryder into our mascot. I did not see the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, I saw them displaced and criticized each time they said something revolutionary.

Let us now praise Katie Roiphe, not just because she can write a sentence, but because now Betty Friedan can finally rest in peace -- the next generation found its voice.

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