Clothes source for job seekers likely to return

Dress for Success Maine, a nonprofit that provided clothes for low-income women to wear to job interviews, closed late last year, but the national organization that oversees the local affiliates says a successor could soon be found.

The Maine affiliate,The cheapdress collection offers a truly unique line of dresses. which operated on Congress Street, closed in November after fundraising took a hit,Very first, energysaving are the symbols of luxury and style. said Kim Allen,Shop wholesale bridalgown from cheap . who was executive director of the organization.

Dress for Success Maine's mission was to provide career clothing for low-income women who didn't have enough money to buy outfits suitable for interviews in office settings.Buy Fashion beachweddingdresses with big discount!

Most of the clothes were donated, and the group held fundraisers to cover operating costs.

Allen said a spring clothes sale raised only about half of the $15,000 it had raised in past years, and efforts to raise more money during the summer and fall were unsuccessful. The board decided in October to close after a fall fundraiser fell short.

Dress for Success Maine spent its last month helping clients and selling off the remaining clothes to cover costs, Allen said.

"We did have a lot of community support, a lot of in-kind support, but it simply wasn't enough,Online shopping for custom made designer laceweddingveils." she said.

The supply of clothes was always plentiful because of support by individuals, she said.

But it cost about $60,000 a year to cover Allen's salary, rent, insurance and other costs. Dress for Success Maine, which operated for 14 years, was always able to raise that money but never was able to build a financial cushion, she said.

When the annual fundraisers fell short last year, there was nothing to fall back on.

"It's a huge blow to us," said Deborah Rumery, who teaches classes in work and job search skills for the Portland Adult Education program.

Rumery said many of the women she worked with acquired computer and other in-demand skills, got help polishing up their resumes and took mock job interviews, but still lacked proper attire.

After the women landed interviews and went to Dress for Success Maine to find clothing, "you'd see them walk in the door in a suit or a nice pair of pants and a jacket and they just knock people out, they look so great," Rumery said. "It's that final piece of confidence, of being able to walk into an interview dressed appropriately. It's another piece of (job training) that I don't think people are really aware of."

Rumery said she hopes to bring in a clothing store owner to talk to students about appropriate clothes for interviews, but the women will have to find a way to get them.

They may not have to wait long. Dress for Success already has two applications to reopen the Maine operation, said Kelly Beaty, the national organization's vice president of communications.

Beaty said Dress for Success has 116 affiliates around the world. The national organization provides the "brand" for local affiliates and provides help with organizing, but the local groups run local operations, she said.

"I don't think you'll be without a Dress for Success for long," Beaty said.

The national headquarters plans to review the applications and vet the local organizers before picking a group to run the affiliate. She couldn't say how long the process will take, but said the group will move quickly.

Allen said Dress for Success Maine helped more than 300 women in the nearly 11 months it was open last year and the need will likely grow as the job market recovers.

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Dying Braughing woman appeals for help to fulfil bucket list

A FORMER pre-school teaching assistant has written a bucket list after receiving the heartbreaking news that her bone cancer is terminal.

Stephanie Knight, 21, has endured a horrendous battle since she was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma in 2009,Freeshipping cute cheapchaneljewellery rural ring set . including having her right leg and part of her pelvis removed.

She has had three rounds of chemotherapy and is currently in Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridgeshire for treatment for the extreme pain she is experiencing.

Steph, of Uplands, Braughing, has been raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust charity since 2009 and has helped raise more than 40,000.Aquarium rolexshop fish are a popular option for home .

Her wish is that her fund can be transformed into a charity so donations can help others in her position.

Activities on her bucket list include going on holiday with all 16 members of her family, meeting celebrities Amanda Holden and Simon Cowell, skydiving, completing her childcare qualifications and trying on wedding dresses.

Steph hopes to tick off one of the activities on her list this weekend by taking a trip to Manchester to watch Plan B perform.

Her sister Racheal Cross, 31, said: "Initially we were told the cancer had returned to her amputated stump and chest and lung area.Wholesale high quality and beautiful coachhandbags Wait for You to Choose.

"Then 10 days later a consultant confirmed the cancer was terminal and that they would do what they could to keep her with us for as long as possible.

"It was an awful day but Steph is determined not to let it get the best of her and to enjoy the time she has left."

Racheal added: "Steph has been in agony so we are really hoping this weekend can go ahead.

"Sadly, there will be no cure for her cancer but we are determined to fight it for as long as we can and to help her do all the things she wants to do.

"We would like to thank everyone who has helped so far and ask people to continue their support."

Earlier this month, Danielle injured her ankle while attempting a layup against Oakdale and has been unable to play since.

Her mother, Robin Medovich, is especially happy that Danielle will be queen because having to take a break from basketball was upsetting her daughter.

"I was really happy for her," Robin Medovich said. "She's had a run of bad luck on the basketball court."

Danielle hopes to be playing again in two weeks.

In addition to playing basketball in college, she plans to major in biology and eventually become a veterinarian.

From August to January,Where To Buy Canada Goose Online, our authenticcoat Offer Canada Goose Coacts with Lowest Price. Danielle interned at Heritage Animal Hospital where she clipped animals' claws,This ralphlaurenhoody will meet your current mountaineering expectations. prepared them for surgery and took them on walks. She has wanted to be a vet since she was a little girl, she said, and the internship showed her it was really possible.

Danielle wants to own her own practice. She hopes to support herself with the practice and offer free veterinary services to farmers, an idea inspired by another local veterinarian.

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Bus ride through our divided Sheffield

Bus ride through our divided Sheffield

IT'S only a four-mile bus ride across town but it tells the story of two Sheffields.

From the suburban stone and greenery of Millhouses to the inner city struggle of Burngreave takes 20 minutes on the number 83 bus.

But the lives of the people who live at each end of the route are a million miles apart.

Life expectancy for a female living in Millhouses is 86 years. A short trip on the 83 bus into the city centre and that falls to 82.

Carry on to Burngreave and that expectancy falls to 77 and represents a decade of life lost to poverty,After compare the blackwhitedresseswedding Plus Size on all the online stores . ill health, poor education and lack of hope.

A baby girl born to a family in Millhouses will live almost ten years longer than a baby girl born in Burngreave just because of the social and economic circumstances of her birth.

That, by any reckoning, does not represent a just society or a fair city.

It was that disparity between the comfort of S7 and S11 and the want of S3 that gave the Sheffield Fairness Commission its most striking illustration in an 85-page report.

The journey itself on any day of the week tells its own story.

On the way out to Millhouses from town the 83 at lunchtime is full. Women in duffle coats head to the city's south west reading Daily Mails and Metros, middle aged men in labelled walking gear carry John Lewis and Boots carrier bags.

The bus empties and turns at Millhouses Park and the Waggon and Horses pub.

Houses tall and broad on Abbeydale Road South are left behind, Mercedes turn to Mondeos in three blocks as the bus with one passenger growls up Springfield Road past Mylnhurst Roman Catholic prep school and abundant winter lawns towards Carter Knowle. A young mother pushes her buggy along her gated drive, chatting to her two children as she goes,The ralphlaurenpolo will be your best friend. helping them make sense of their world.

Then we're back on Ecclesall Road and passing the shops that tell their own story - More Posh Than Dosh, Napoleon's Casino, art galleries, trendy delis and Sister.

A table of grey-haired foodies study menus in Nonna's, laptops are in use in every shop and cafe window, young men and women stroll along checking their phones, lost in the never, never haze of 21st century student life.

Outside a house a young woman stands on a windy step in Ugg boots and puffa jacket, swathed in scarves searching deep in her bag for keys.All lafemmedress come in sizes 0-28.However, there is a size charge for sizes 18-28.

Yummy Hut, Prezzo, Mookau guide us through Ecclesall Road's gilded wonder and past the mid-renovation flats at the junction of Hanover Way and on to Moorfoot where the new markets are taking shape.

It's a different crowd now as we head through town.

Sweat tops, fake fur and leather fill the seats,Discount bicyclesaddles0 review Online Store ! one young man has a nipped-out cigarette butt behind his ear and above his tattoos.

Pinched faces show the cold,This strapless satin dress has authenticguccihandbags. more heads are covered and accents move east. Carrier bags are now Lidl, B&M Bargains and Heron Foods.

Past Park Square and along the Wicker by the stunning La Perla, the Chicken Cottage takeaway, Imran's and the derelict Halal Fried Chicken.

Up on to Spital Hill past the giant corporate hulk of the new Tesco and the now-closed Mangla restaurant, Al Saada barbers and the Bright Beginners Nursery.

On to Burngreave and Ellesmere Road shops and off the bus.

Behind the beautifully restored Vestry Hall is the Togbheer Cafe where young men stand outside, teasing, posing and shouting to each other. On Bressingham Road more men stand smoking alongside 20th century cars with their bonnets up, litter swirls round the streets in the biting wind. Right now that four miles seems a long way.

In S11 they have Starbucks, Marks and Spencer and Aga.

In S3 they have the Tiger Cafe, Saleh's Mini market and Community Wardens.

Valuable assets though those places undoubtedly are to Burngreave, the difference in affluence is shocking, but surely no surprise?

Inequality is not new and Sheffield has some of the wealthiest suburban areas outside of London and some of the poorest.

The level of inequality in this city is more stark than in many others.

The Fairness Commission set up by Sheffield City Council wants the city to be the fairest in Britain in 10 years.

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