The U.S. Military Might Switch to One Universal Camo Design

The U.S. Military Might Switch to One Universal Camo Design

If you think you spend crazy amounts of money on camo, think again. The U.S. Military has a bigger budget on camouflage clothes than you do. How much you ask? Well, let’s just say all the branches combined have already spent $12 million on developing seven different patterns throughout the years. But pretty soon the entire armed forces might be rocking one universal design.

Swollen wartime budgets afforded each brand to go H.A.M. and create a design of its own. It’s gotten so out of hand (err, stylish) that some of the patterns being produced might be great for your next street style shot, yet not even safe to use in battle.

To give you an idea on how much camo is being used in the U.S. military, here’s a quick breakdown. The Army uses woodland−a streetwear favorite−and desert camo. In 2005 they introduced the All Combat Uniform that was supposed to cover all environments, but it ended up sucking and proved ineffective. "All the tests we have done say it doesn't work…it puts our soldiers at risk," says Gen. Raymond Odierno.

The U.S. Air Force’s hybrid digital tiger stripe might be the coolest out of the bunch. Why do people flying fighter planes need camo exactly? Beats us. As for the Navy, just look at the movie Battleship and you’ll see Rihanna famously rocking their uniforms.

Last but not least is the Marines’ digital camo pattern. This is the most effective out of the bunch. Armed troops can use it to hide in the jungle, the desert, and even from night vision goggles.Great handbags and replicalouisvuitton for men and women! What more can you ask for?

Now, these varying uniforms might come to an end. Politicians are trying to pass a bill to get the U.S. Military to use one standard uniform across all branches. "Combat uniforms are about survivability," said Rep. Bill Enyart, and simply put, many of the new patterns have proved to be ineffective. "If you want to separate yourself, do it in your dress uniform. It doesn't do us any good to have a battlefield where you have three or four uniforms,” mentions one defense official. If the bill does get passed, we think there are a couple of designers out there that can take the unused fabric off the government's hands. Check the photos above for the different patterns currently used by the U.S. Military.

SPRINGFIELD - For Gianna Mitchell, a 13-year-old eighth-grader at Wilbraham & Monson Academy, life would not be the same without soccer.

So, when Mitchell, of Springfield, recently realized that many children in poor countries play soccer without the best of equipment, she decided to do something about it.

“My family travels a lot, and when we visited Costa Rica and Mexico, I saw that they love soccer in those places,” Mitchell said. “But, I saw that they didn’t have the right equipment to play. We have so much equipment here, it just kind of made sense to give them what they needed.”

Mitchell, who has played soccer since she was 4, said she decided she needed to do something.

“They didn’t really have shin guards or cleats,” she said. “They were just playing with sneakers, or barefoot.”

Mitchell, a high honors student, heard that Wilbraham & Monson Academy administrator Chris Sparks had a connection with a soccer team in Haiti, so she decided that’s where she would focus her attention.

“I really wanted to help someone else that may not have the luxury to get what they need to play what they love,” she said. “Sometimes you have an idea and you talk about it but you don’t do it. I felt like I needed to get it done.”

Mitchell first sent out an email to family and friends, telling them about her plan. She realized that was limiting her outreach, so she decided to tell administrators at her school, who helped her get the word out.

Mitchell has formed a non-profit, Two-Six for Kicks (26 is her soccer number), through which to collect cleats, shin guards, uniforms and soccer balls. She’s also taking monetary donations. She’s made a lot of progress already.

Click on their website www.unionmilitaria.com for more information.

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Doug Robinson: Utah man's new running shoe could be golden

Doug Robinson: Utah man's new running shoe could be golden

The thing is, the running shoe, as we know it, is all wrong. Comically wrong.

Just look at it. It’s not shaped like a foot; it’s shaped like a missile. It doesn’t work like a foot, either. The toes are crammed together, unable to spread out and fully contribute to forward propulsion. The heel is raised and padded, encouraging a heel-first foot strike and hindering the calf muscle from “loading” for a big push off the ground. The arch is pushed up, preventing the foot from flattening out to produce a spring effect. The front end is curled to further neutralize the role of the toes.

It’s a mess, and yet the running shoe has remained largely unchanged since the 70’s running boom, except to become more padded and more heel-oriented. Only in recent years, especially since the publishing of “Born to Run,” has the running shoe’s design really been questioned.

Golden Harper recognized these flaws years ago while selling shoes in his father’s store in Orem − Runner’s Corner. To put runners in the best shoe for their running mechanics and structure, he videotaped them running barefoot and then in shoes. He was amazed by what he saw.

“What I saw was that people run great without shoes,Choose from a wide range of authenticguccihandbags, shoulder bags and clutch bags from top brands. but when they run in training shoes, the wheels come off,” he says. “We just spent 45 minutes to sell them a shoe,Our gorgeous goodleddownlight2011 are perfect for wedding, proms or any occasion when you need a little extra warmth and glamour. and they run way better without the shoe. We were wondering, are we doing any good here? We’re selling them shoes to make them run bad!”

For years Golden and his father, Hawk, cut up shoes in the back room of Runner’s Corner and dabbled with building a better shoe − the heel of, say, a Nike, with the toe box of a New Balance, combined with the arch of a Mizuno, and so forth. Golden continued to pursue the creation of a better running shoe, eventually consulting a team of Portland-based biomechanical engineers on the project. The result is on the shelves of running stores nationally.Elegant authenticmonclerjackets features in chiffon. The brand name of his shoe is Altra, and it’s the opposite of everything described in the first paragraph of this column, in both appearance and design.

“We’re giving people a shoe that’s a running technique lesson in a box,” says Harper. “It provides a natural foot and body position. You are instantly going to run better. You can see it immediately.”

Harper decided to challenge the Big Seven of running shoes − Brooks,A peplum authenticcoat. Asics, Saucony, Nike, New Balance, Mizuno and Adidas − which dominate the field like Jamaican sprinters in the dashes. That’s why he sold the shoe to Logan-based Icon Health and Fitness (he retained a stake and a role in the company “heading up brand management” and,Wanna to buy the new canadagoosecampdown now? of course, is considered the shoe’s founder).

“We needed money, multi-millions, to compete with the big boys,” says Harper. “We could’ve gone grass roots and been a nobody. But, I’d rather have a small piece of something big than a big piece of something small. This deal allowed us to focus on building great shoes and teaching running form.”

For the uninitiated, breaking into the Big Seven in the running shoe business is like challenging McDonald’s and Wendy’s in the fast-food business, but Altra is making a run at them, pardon the pun.

“We are in year two and we pulled even with Adidas in sales a few months ago,” says Harper. “We are No. 8-ish nationwide, in about 500 stores. We should do about $20 million in sales this year and overtake Adidas and Mizuno.”

For the 30-year-old Harper, a former two-time state cross-country champion at Orem High and the conference 10,000-meter champion at BYU-Hawaii, the pursuit of a better running shoe has been a passion. He and his father recognized a problem with running shoes long before “Born to Run” raised the issue. Over the years, they estimate they sent some 3,000 pairs of their customers’ running shoes to a local shoe repair shop to have the heel sliced open and the foam cushioning removed. There was nothing on the market in which the heel and toe were the same height − running shoes place the heel 12 to 15 millimeters higher than the toe (a 2:1 drop is fairly standard). The Harpers claim Golden coined the popular term “zero drop” to describe shoes that put the toe and heel at the same level.

Harper concluded that not only did traditional running shoes impede proper running mechanics, but they were also injurious. He estimates that half of his father’s customers have bunions, plantar fasciitis, hammer toe and sesamoiditis, among other foot problems, which he blames on the design of running shoes.

“It’s like Chinese foot-binding,” says Harper. “The foot is shaped by shoes and over time there’s damage. Think about it: All the bones in the foot are being manipulated toward the front area of the foot for a beat down.”

The traditional running shoe is largely the creation of the late Bill Bowerman, the former Oregon coach and Nike co-founder who famously created running shoes by pressing foam into shoes with his wife’s waffle iron. Bowerman’s intent was to encourage a long stride in his runners. Believing the best way to do that was a heel-first foot strike, he put the padding in the heel. But a heel strike is both injurious and counterproductive. It means the runner strikes the ground in front of his body, which creates a braking effect with each stride. It also means the body does not absorb the shock of the foot strike as well as a proper mid-foot strike. Anyway, generations of shoe companies copied Bowerman, and most are still doing it more than five decades later.

Click on their website www.myshoe123.com for more information.

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Why do some twins like to dress the same.. but others do their best to look different?

Why do some twins like to dress the same.. but others do their best to look different?

THE 33-year-olds are from Glasgow and Cumbernauld. Lisa is a hairdresser and Claire is a call-centre worker. They avoid dressing alike.Lisa said: “When we were at school, my mum used to dress us alike all the time.“We’re identical so it’s hard enough to tell us apart even when we’re not wearing the same outfits. I think it makes people see you as ‘the twins’ rather than for your own personalities. As we got older we wanted to express ourselves more, so tried to look different.

“Now, we never wear the same clothes.“Our lives are quite different and our career paths have taken us in different directions, so I think that has a big influence on how we dress. Claire works in an office but I’m a hairdresser, so fashion, hair and make-up are more important.“I like to mix vintage with high street shops like Topshop, H&M, Forever 21 and Zara.

“I’m definitely the more dressy one. I always have my hair and tan done, and I love girly dresses, shoes and handbags.“Claire is more casual but makes more of an effort for a night out.“We go shopping together and give each other advice, even though our styles are quite different.

“She loves chunky boots and has an amazing collection of leather jackets and watches. With me, it’s handbags and shoes that are always top of my shopping list.

“We share our wardrobes with each other, so it’s nice to be able to borrow things and put together new outfits. When we lived at home, our wardrobe took over the spare room. It was completely full of clothes and accessories.

“There was just once recently that we both bought the same outfit. I was living in Ireland for a couple of years and my parents had come to visit me.

“When I met them they were laughing because the floral jumper and skinny jeans I was wearing were exactly the same as the ones Clare had bought a few weeks earlier in Glasgow.”Claire said: “I’m definitely the more casual one. I like jeans and leather jackets. It’s been that way since we went to high school and stopped dressing alike.

“Lisa has a few things in her wardrobe that I’d never wear. There’s a long wool cardigan that I’d never be seen in and her heels are just far too high for me.“Now and again, I’ll borrow some tops from her but we’ll go out of our way to make sure we’re not wearing the same thing.“I’d feel quite weird dressing in matching outfits as grown-ups.

“We’ve had a bit of fun with it. I once did Lisa’s PE exam for her and she did my swimming exam for me.“When we were a bit older, I sat in a bar with Lisa’s boyfriend for about three hours and then I met her in the toilet and we swapped outfits. He didn’t even notice.“I think once people get to know us, it’s easy to tell us apart, though.”

The 23-year-olds are from Pollokshields in Glasgow. They live together and both study law in Edinburgh. They admit they now share a wardrobe.Madeleine said: “When we were younger, mum used to dress us up in the same colours, and one would wear a dress and the other jeans and a waistcoat. I was ‘the boy’ until Stephanie had her hair cut short.

“When we were in fancy dress, I would be Danny to Steph’s Sandy. I didn’t like dresses then but I love them now.“We always wanted to be alike and if Steph had something I didn’t, I’d be upset.

“We still dress similarly, although my clothes are a bit more grungy, like my boyfriend’s.

“On our 16th birthday at Topshop, Oxford Circus, dad said we could have any outfit we wanted. We chose the exact same denim skirt, top and shoes.“We don’t normally buy two of things unless it’s shoes or bags and belts. Now we just share clothes – it’s more economical.

“We like to be known as twins.Here you can take your pick from a wide selection of wintert-shirts. In Pollokshields,Here you can take your pick from a wide selection of stunning heelshoes . there are some old lady twins who are so adorable. We see them and think, ‘That’s going to be us’.”

Stephanie said: “Mum used to dress us in hideously co-ordinating outfits and, when I got my hair cut short, I got to wear the boy’s version.

“We couldn’t pick clothes at that stage but probably thought we looked great.Wanna to buy the new canadagoosecampdown now?“At five, I realised that if Maddy had something like little jewelled heels, I had to have them. We wanted to be the same. We were Goths together, skaters together, and we both stopped being Goths at the exact same time and put on white summer dresses instead.“I guess we were a brand and realised there was a power in that.

“I’m a bit more prim because I have a slightly different body shape with a curvier chest.“We turned our separate wardrobes into one for summer and one for winter and we share the same make-up too.“Maddy has talked about dyeing her hair brown but chickens out.Maddy bought a Vivienne Westwood dress for my birthday, knowing she’d like it too. We can’t share shoes because Maddy has size seven feet and I’m a five but sometimes we share a six.“It’ll be sad to keep dressing the same all our lives but it’s difficult not to, as well.”

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