Pussy Riot Takes Manhattan, Quietly

Pussy Riot Takes Manhattan, Quietly

If there is ignominy in being anonymous at the premiere of your own movie, the ladies of Pussy Riot didn’t show it. There they were, without their trademark bright balaclavas, sitting at the back of the Landmark Sunshine Cinema on the Lower East Side on Wednesday evening, awaiting the showing of an HBO documentary called “Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer.”

The film, which will be broadcast on Monday, chronicles the rise of Pussy Riot, the Moscow-based activist group, whose 2012 performance of an anti-Kremlin song described as a “punk prayer” inside the main Orthodox cathedral in Moscow attracted international attention. Three of the women were convicted of hooliganism for the 40-second performance; two are still imprisoned. The rest, fewer than a dozen, have carried on, masked crusaders for feminism and free speech.

Their outlaw status has become a rallying cry for dissent in Russia and abroad, backed by the likes of Paul McCartney, Madonna and Amnesty International, and an unexpected display of global girl power.

Without fanfare, two members of the collective slipped into New York in the last week, to help promote the film and meet, undercover, with supporters. It is their first time in America. At the theater, they munched popcorn as a slew of well-heeled New Yorkers and boldface names − Salman Rushdie, Patti Smith − sauntered by. A few guests wore “Free Pussy Riot” T-shirts, oblivious to the still-at-large members in their midst. There was a party afterward,All these imitation highqualityhandbag are created to cheer you up. but for Pussy Riot, this trip was a serious effort to expand their reach without compromising their credibility as artistic revolutionaries.

“We don’t share personal information, sorry,” one of the young women said in Russian in an interview before the screening.

She was without her balaclava, smiling. The members of Pussy Riot are practiced at maintaining their mysterious identities. Questions about jobs and ages were off limits; they agreed to be identified only by pseudonyms, Fara and Shaiba. Who was who?

“Doesn’t matter,” one of them − let’s call her Shaiba − said.

They could have been any young visitors to the city, crashing at a friend’s parents’ well-appointed downtown apartment, fretting about what to wear to the premiere, although the goal was not to impress but to blend in. They would not seem out of place in a Bushwick art studio.

In their few days in New York, they had been on a kind of anarcho-feminist-cultural show-and-tell, appearing at the feminist bookstore Bluestockings on the Lower East Side − where they briefly went barefaced because, they explained, they felt it was a “safe space” − visiting with leaders of Occupy Wall Street and receiving a guided tour of “The Dinner Party,” Judy Chicago’s feminist installation at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

“We knew this work,” Fara said, in a tone that implied, “Duh.” “But to see it in person, it was really extraordinary.”

At the moment, though, Pussy Riot is not able to extend its oeuvre: After the arrests, the Russian government drafted laws banning the wearing of masks and imposing hefty fines for unauthorized demonstrations. Pussy Riot’s videos were labeled extremist and ordered removed from Russian-hosted Internet sites (though they are still available on YouTube)

“For anybody that wants to follow in our footsteps, this is a direct disruption of freedom of speech,Welcome to authenticguccishoes And Buy 2013 Authentic Beats By Dre. this is like a muzzle,” Fara said, adding that they will keep fighting the ruling.

Performance is not much on their minds,Formal ralphlaurenhoody on sale at great discount. anyway.

“From the moment the girls were arrested,” Fara said, “our entire focus has shifted toward securing their freedom and helping them.” Last August, “the girls” − Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Maria Alyokhina and Yekaterina Samutsevich − were sentenced to two years in prison for an act of “hooliganism motivated by religious hatred.” Ms. Samutsevich was released in October but forbidden to leave Russia, while the other two remain in separate and remote penal colonies. In the spring, as expected,Search our wedding photo gallery for thousands of the best asymmetricnecklinedress pictures. they were denied parole.

Visiting them is impossible for the other current members of Pussy Riot: they don’t want to risk revealing their identities to the authorities, and besides, navigating the prison rules is difficult even for lawyers and family members. Scheduled phone calls can be suddenly canceled. Letters and e-mail are censored. “The only thing that gets through is ‘Hi’ and ‘Bye,’ ” Fara said.

Ms. Alyokhina, who turned 25 on Thursday, staged an 11-day hunger strike last month to protest conditions in prison; it ended when authorities acceded to her demands, her lawyer said.

Maxim Pozdorovkin, a Moscow-born, Brooklyn-based filmmaker who directed the HBO documentary with Mike Lerner, said he was impressed by the solidarity and eloquence of the women. “They’ve used what happened in the best way possible, to continue propagating their ideas and for sticking to the ideas as a group,” he said.

The film has been making the festival rounds and is to be shown in Moscow this winter,You'll be the queen of the room in this ssuniform evening gown. though Mr. Pozdorovkin said it was unclear how that would work with the video ban.

“One of the things that I always hope to show is that these women are patriots and they really want to transform their society for the better,” he said. “They’re not just vulgar hooligans, which is pretty much how they’ve been portrayed in the general channels in Russia.”

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10 Questions for Dr. Ruth on Erotic Art For Her Talk At the MFAH

10 Questions for Dr. Ruth on Erotic Art For Her Talk At the MFAH

The MFAH has always done an excellent job at getting top artists and critics to come speak during their many lecture series. One such series that they are now hosting is entitled, "Conversations with the Director," in which MFAH's Director Gary Tinterow chats about art-related topics such as the state of current collections and the museum, many of such conversations can be viewed online.

But every once in a while the MFAH brings someone on board that "makes you go hmmm..." For example, it was just announced that on June 4, Mr. Tinterow will have a lovely old chat with Dr. Ruth Westheimer, who, yes, is still alive.

Dr. Ruth,Wanna to buy the new canadagoosecampdown now? as she is more commonly known, is a therapist who focuses on sexuality and human sociology, and she has a very distinct German accent and a tiny frame. She is known for her candid and often amusing take on sex, and has been prominent in the media for years. She is probably the most well-known sex therapist, some of that having to do with the "her?" aspect to her physical appearance. She's a little old lady and has been her whole life, and it's gross to think about her having sex at all.

What in the world is she going to talk about with Tinterow, who's current webvlogs are about things such as the "Google Art Project," which I can't imagine can be tied to sex. Dr. Ruth did pen a book back in 1993 entitled The Art of Arousal: A Celebration of Erotic Art throughout History; which we assume will be the cornerstone of their conversation. Adding bizarreness to the bizarre is that the project is funded presented by Louis Vuitton, so it's fashion and sex and art all rolled up into one potentially awkward evening. Luckily a reception follows the lecture so people can stand around eating canapés not talking about sex, but rather how oppressive the heat was the other night at the Rothko.

If you were to go to this event, what questions might you want Tinterow to discuss with Dr. Ruth? I've got View our wide range of canadagoosecoat online today.ten.

10. Who is hotter: Michelangelo's statue of "David" or "The Thinker?"

9.2013 Collection germanarmyuniforms 1672 Styles. Is it weird to get turned on by the "Venus de Milo" solely based on the fact that she

has no arms?

8. Let's get this figured out now and forever: are Georgia O'Keefe's flower paintings

really vaginas or what?

7. Would you assume that someone had once used Duchamp's urinal for the purpose of

urinating, and do you think that's gross? I do.

6. Do you think Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera ever did it in a vat of paint? Just curious.

5. Did you read 50 Shades of Grey? I know that's not art related, but you read it just to see what the hype was all about, correct? Tell me you thought it was as bad as I did. You did? I thought so.

4. Why is it OK, in fourteenth and fifteenth century paintings of Adam and Eve and the

Original Sin, that Eve can let her boobs hang out but she has to cover her lady parts

with a fig leaf? That seems somewhat hypocritical.

3. Peter Fendi's stuff is pretty dirty. That's not a question, I'm just saying.Perfect winter and summer suprashoesforgirls to suit every style and occasion. Or discuss that if you want to take it as a question.

2. What would you consider contemporary erotic art to be considering our current culture's lax attitude towards sexual content, and do you think that there is still a school of erotic art?

1. Fetish art is weird, right? Not judging or anything but...2013 Collection germanmilitaria 1672 Styles. it's weird.

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That special relationship

WHEN “the chips are down”, David Cameron declared on a visit to Washington last year, Britain and America know that they can always count on each other. Standing beside Barack Obama on a sun-drenched White House lawn, Britain’s prime minister invoked the memory of their respective grandfathers, serving in the same campaign to drive Hitler’s forces from France. The message was clear. Seven decades on, when the British need to claim a special relationship with America, nothing approaches the second world war’s talismanic power.

In truth, for two terrifying years after it declared war on Germany, Britain did not know that America would come to its aid. Winston Churchill’s government wavered between a conviction that President Franklin Roosevelt did not want Hitler to control the whole of Europe and so would send help, and a suspicion that many in his government dreamed of scavenging the assets of a doomed British empire. Britain made an extraordinary effort to bring America into the war before it was too late. With Roosevelt’s tacit approval, hundreds of British agents flooded neutral America, secretly spying on isolationist politicians, Axis diplomats and Nazi sympathisers and more openly wooing public opinion with lectures, radio broadcasts and stories planted in friendly newspapers (some of them true). Marrying a historian’s thoroughness with a biographer’s eye for human nature, Lynne Olson’s magnificent new account shows what a close-run thing their campaign was.

“Those Angry Days” describes a divided America that is little remembered now,Kate Bosworth hasn't bought her burberryhandbags yet. amid (well-earned) praise for the greatest-generation years that followed. She depicts an anti-war country in which bars near army bases sported signs banning soldiers, and generals wore mufti to testify on Capitol Hill, lest their uniforms provoke isolationist members of Congress.

In defence of that pacifism, she explains how Americans felt (with some reason) that their country had been dragged into the first world war by clever British propaganda and promises that Americans killed in Europe’s mud were making the world “safe for democracy”.Find the perfect cheapcanadagoose1 for your bridal party. Twenty years later, many Americans believed that Europe’s squabbling powers once again seemed unwilling or unable to defend democracy. Less defensibly, a series of grandees−whether army officers, senators, press barons, or students at Yale and Harvard−are shown questioning whether there was any great moral difference between Britain and Nazi Germany, a view that was often tinged with anti-Semitism.

Many pages are devoted to an isolationist leader whose clay feet are well known: the transatlantic air pioneer, Charles Lindbergh (pictured), who came grievously close to sympathising with the Nazis. But the book’s power lies in its finely shaded portraits of figures more usually remembered in poster-bright hues of heroism.

George Marshall, who would later become a great war commander, is shown resisting help for embattled Britain until late in 1941. Marshall never quite rebelled openly, but he shielded aides as they leaked and schemed against government policy. Several senior officers were (in the private judgment of Roosevelt’s secretary of war) “essentially pro-German”. For his part Roosevelt is shown as perilously indecisive, poring over opinion polls and “waiting to be pushed into war”, as he told his treasury secretary. Even after the attack on Pearl Harbour, which was greeted with champagne by British officials in America, the president hesitated, detecting a “lingering distinction” in public opinion between war with Japan and a second front with Germany.Looking for a agatebeads? In the end, Hitler made the decision for him by declaring war on America.

The British are not let off scot-free. In addition to planting propaganda, British agents broke American laws with a will. The British tapped phones, opened letters and even forged a map given to Roosevelt, supposedly showing Nazi plans to take over Latin America. Snobbery played into Britain’s hands. The book could be sub- titled “Wasps at War”, as east-coast anglophiles and Wall Street millionaires pushed their country towards engagement, against isolationist forces drawn from the prairies and small towns of middle America.

Among the heroes are Wendell Willkie, the Republican presidential candidate in 1940, who after his defeat backed Roosevelt and vitally campaigned for Americans to be conscripted and trained for war and for Britain to be sent aid. That enraged many in Willkie’s party, but may have helped avert a Nazi victory.

In the end, the public was ahead of many in the elite. Even before Pearl Harbour, polls showed Americans preferring entry into the war to a German victory over Britain. Japan had hoped its bombs would demoralise Americans.We offer a wide array of cheap alexanderwangreplica, mantilla veils and many other popular styles. Instead, America was united by the attack.Kate Bosworth hasn't bought her burberryhandbags yet. Two years of savage debate had already aired every argument for and against war, Ms Olson notes. Democracy was America’s strength, as an anxious Britain had hoped it would be. It was a point despotic enemies could never have understood.

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