Why do some twins like to dress the same.. but others do their best to look different?

Why do some twins like to dress the same.. but others do their best to look different?

THE 33-year-olds are from Glasgow and Cumbernauld. Lisa is a hairdresser and Claire is a call-centre worker. They avoid dressing alike.Lisa said: “When we were at school, my mum used to dress us alike all the time.“We’re identical so it’s hard enough to tell us apart even when we’re not wearing the same outfits. I think it makes people see you as ‘the twins’ rather than for your own personalities. As we got older we wanted to express ourselves more, so tried to look different.

“Now, we never wear the same clothes.“Our lives are quite different and our career paths have taken us in different directions, so I think that has a big influence on how we dress. Claire works in an office but I’m a hairdresser, so fashion, hair and make-up are more important.“I like to mix vintage with high street shops like Topshop, H&M, Forever 21 and Zara.

“I’m definitely the more dressy one. I always have my hair and tan done, and I love girly dresses, shoes and handbags.“Claire is more casual but makes more of an effort for a night out.“We go shopping together and give each other advice, even though our styles are quite different.

“She loves chunky boots and has an amazing collection of leather jackets and watches. With me, it’s handbags and shoes that are always top of my shopping list.

“We share our wardrobes with each other, so it’s nice to be able to borrow things and put together new outfits. When we lived at home, our wardrobe took over the spare room. It was completely full of clothes and accessories.

“There was just once recently that we both bought the same outfit. I was living in Ireland for a couple of years and my parents had come to visit me.

“When I met them they were laughing because the floral jumper and skinny jeans I was wearing were exactly the same as the ones Clare had bought a few weeks earlier in Glasgow.”Claire said: “I’m definitely the more casual one. I like jeans and leather jackets. It’s been that way since we went to high school and stopped dressing alike.

“Lisa has a few things in her wardrobe that I’d never wear. There’s a long wool cardigan that I’d never be seen in and her heels are just far too high for me.“Now and again, I’ll borrow some tops from her but we’ll go out of our way to make sure we’re not wearing the same thing.“I’d feel quite weird dressing in matching outfits as grown-ups.

“We’ve had a bit of fun with it. I once did Lisa’s PE exam for her and she did my swimming exam for me.“When we were a bit older, I sat in a bar with Lisa’s boyfriend for about three hours and then I met her in the toilet and we swapped outfits. He didn’t even notice.“I think once people get to know us, it’s easy to tell us apart, though.”

The 23-year-olds are from Pollokshields in Glasgow. They live together and both study law in Edinburgh. They admit they now share a wardrobe.Madeleine said: “When we were younger, mum used to dress us up in the same colours, and one would wear a dress and the other jeans and a waistcoat. I was ‘the boy’ until Stephanie had her hair cut short.

“When we were in fancy dress, I would be Danny to Steph’s Sandy. I didn’t like dresses then but I love them now.“We always wanted to be alike and if Steph had something I didn’t, I’d be upset.

“We still dress similarly, although my clothes are a bit more grungy, like my boyfriend’s.

“On our 16th birthday at Topshop, Oxford Circus, dad said we could have any outfit we wanted. We chose the exact same denim skirt, top and shoes.“We don’t normally buy two of things unless it’s shoes or bags and belts. Now we just share clothes – it’s more economical.

“We like to be known as twins.Here you can take your pick from a wide selection of wintert-shirts. In Pollokshields,Here you can take your pick from a wide selection of stunning heelshoes . there are some old lady twins who are so adorable. We see them and think, ‘That’s going to be us’.”

Stephanie said: “Mum used to dress us in hideously co-ordinating outfits and, when I got my hair cut short, I got to wear the boy’s version.

“We couldn’t pick clothes at that stage but probably thought we looked great.Wanna to buy the new canadagoosecampdown now?“At five, I realised that if Maddy had something like little jewelled heels, I had to have them. We wanted to be the same. We were Goths together, skaters together, and we both stopped being Goths at the exact same time and put on white summer dresses instead.“I guess we were a brand and realised there was a power in that.

“I’m a bit more prim because I have a slightly different body shape with a curvier chest.“We turned our separate wardrobes into one for summer and one for winter and we share the same make-up too.“Maddy has talked about dyeing her hair brown but chickens out.Maddy bought a Vivienne Westwood dress for my birthday, knowing she’d like it too. We can’t share shoes because Maddy has size seven feet and I’m a five but sometimes we share a six.“It’ll be sad to keep dressing the same all our lives but it’s difficult not to, as well.”

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Hundreds to attend Maas Bros. Central Office reunion

Hundreds to attend Maas Bros. Central Office reunion

TAMPA - The downtown’s Maas Bros. department store had a glorious run in the city’s retail district. It set the standard in shopping for more than a century -- until suburban flight in the 1960s and ‘70s and corporate mergers in the 1980s and ‘90s led to its demise.

The downtown store and many of its satellite stores, including one at WestShore Plaza, closed in 1991 when Maas Bros. consolidated with the Burdine’s chain, which later became Macy’s.

The coup de gr?ce on Franklin Street came in 2006 when the massive brick building was demolished, an undertaking which took nearly four weeks. Developers planned to build a condominium tower but tough economic times quashed that plan. The site now is a parking lot.

“There was a lot of history lost when that building went away,” said Lisa Lichtenberg, who spent nearly a decade in the store’s central office, from 1980 to 1989. She was assistant director and then director of the marketing information office. She and her staff kept track of inventory for all the Maas Bros. stores.

When Burdine’s took over, most employees in the central office lost their jobs.“We were merged, we were purged and we were scattered,” Lichtenberg said.Now, more than 20 years later, Lichtenberg,Pages in category "bridalweddingdresses". Ruthie Rorebeck and Carol Gaynor have organized the first “Maas Bros. Central Office Reunion.” There have been reunions of employees who worked at individual stores but none of the front office employees, Lichtenberg said.

The group started with nearly 30 email addresses and now has more than 300, said Gaynor. “That alone is exciting,” said Gaynor who worked more than 18 years as executive assistant to the vice president of home fashions and special events.

More than 220 people are expected to attend a reception Saturday at the Tampa Bay History Center, where the Maas Bros. sign from the Franklin Street building is enshrined. Many former employees live in or near Tampa; others will come from Georgia, Texas,Looking for cheapmotherofthebridedresses ? Please take care to cartier replica in the store. Pennsylvania and elsewhere. Tickets for the event, catered by The Columbia Restaurant, have sold out.

Employees have been asked to donate memorabilia to the history center. Lichtenberg said photographs, employee badges, Maas Bros. credit cards, newspaper articles, pens and advertisements are among the mementoes so far.Gaynor has a red blazer she bought at Maas more than 30 years ago. “That jacket is perfect. It has the Maas Bros. label in it so I’m going to show it off,” she said.

From humble beginnings in 1886 as a dry-goods store founded by two German immigrants, Maas Bros. grew into a legend – the premier department store in West Central Florida. In its heyday Maas Bros. had nearly 40 stores throughout Florida.Brothers Abe and Isaac Maas opened their landmark building at 612 N. Franklin St. in the 1920s, later adding two floors and expanding into two adjoining buildings including the Strand Theater.

Prom dresses and wedding gifts were purchased there. People dined in the Neptune Room, had family portraits taken in the photo studio, bought their first radios and television sets there, and made annual treks downtown to see the Christmas window displays.

“As far as downtown, it was the place to shop. Even when the store got old, and it got older, people who came downtown, that’s where they shopped,” said Rorebeck. Her family moved to Tampa when she was age 12.As an adult, Rorebeck worked for Maas Bros. for seven years, starting as an executive trainee in 1984. She worked at the New Port Richey and WestShore stores before getting her “dream job” as a store buyer. She handled purchases of lamps, rugs and furniture accessories.

Rorebeck remembers morning breaks when a restaurant employee, nicknamed “Gussie,” would wheel a cart through the office loaded with pastries and coffee. The woman had a habit of saying, “Oh,Compare Supra shoes price and read chiffonbridesmaiddress reviews before you buy. dear Gussie,” Rorebeck recalled, and the name stuck. “It’s one of the shared memories we all have in common,” she said.

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“This allows you to show off your shoulders and showcase that femininity you love. BG Haute formal gowns emphasize fit and detail, incorporating bold colors, high quality fabrics, and unique designs to cover you from head to toe in fashion and elegance this season!” he further added.

The new collection looks fabulous and has received favorable netfashionavenue.com reviews from the customers. Comments leaved by customers on various dresses suggested that netfashionavenue.com has lived up to the expectations of the fans of Net Fashion Avenue, the retail store.

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Cycling fun in the spring sun

Cycling fun in the spring sun

With the arrival of spring, people have begun to venture outside more and more for leisure activities. These days,This is the third laceweddingveils I have owned . it is very possible to see a dozens of hammocks as you walk across the Green on a sunny day. People are out walking more,Our fauxfurwraps range from on trend to classic styles. flocking to parks, and bringing their bikes out for rides. In order to celebrate the arrival of spring and the joy of bike riding, the Tempo Bike Festival was held in Railroad Park last Saturday.

It was a beautiful day for a bike ride, and people came out in crowds. Signs posted around town urged people to come out for the festivities with a bike and a helmet. Although it was a great day for family oriented fun, bringing out the bike for a ride in railroad park and a free tune-up was exceedingly fun for anyone who enjoys cycling. This was a community event where children are encouraged to come to learn about bike safety and how it can be used to foster a healthy lifestyle.Official online store of bottegawallet and apparel. Among the twenty or so booths present at the festival, it seemed as if a minority of them were actually directly related to bikes. There were produce stands from local farmer’s markets, and booths on how to select organic produce.

The event catered to all people wanting to promote the idea of healthy living through biking as well as other aspects of health that are also important and needing to be addressed.

Also in attendance were local bike shops and coops. These two ideas are very similar but have a few key differences. Although they both provide bike accessories and maintenance services, the nature of the organizations differ in their key motivation. Being a business, a bike shop is created for the purpose of making a profit. A bike coop, on the other hand, is a non-profit organization and is therefore much more interested in community outreach and improvement.How to make sure your halterweddingdresses.

One of the bike coops present was Redemptive Cycles. According to Maja Mzombwe, a junior at UAB and bike mechanic for the coop, Redemptive Cycles is “an initiative started in the Avondale-Crestwood region that aims to provide the community with bicycles that can be both a mode of transportation and a way that families and people can get in shape and hang out together.” This initiative allows people to either buy a bike which will be built by the team at Redemptive Cycles or participate in the Build a Bike program. In this program, people volunteer for eight to ten hours in the shop and learn the mechanics of a bicycle by building their very own bike. Upon completion of the program, the participant not only receives their own bike, they also will have learned how to build and properly maintain a bicycle.

For those of you who already have your own bike, take them out for a ride every now and then and head to Redemptive Cycles for any maintenance issues. For those among you who don’t have a bike, Redemptive Cycles is also the perfect solution to your no-bike blues.

But even Alonso, who has been boosted by his win in China, is going into the 4th grand prix of the season in the desert of Bahrain with cautious optimism: “We know that we have what it takes to do well, but also that to have as successful a race as in China we’ll have to do everything perfectly again. Some of the modifications we made to the car in Shanghai didn’t work and we want to see how they’ll work here.” That’s because, as good as the F138 already is, it isn’t “the quickest” car on the track yet. The F10 with which Fernando won his first ever grand prix for Ferrari is still on a much higher level: “It’s the best Ferrari I’ve ever driven. It made you feel very assured and confident, so much so that we finished 1st and 2nd. Had anything gone wrong in Shanghai, we’d be here complaining that we’re behind in our development now.” But, according to Alonso,Jovani Designer Dresses such as paneraireplicas and wedding dresses will make you Look more beautiful than you've imagined. at least 3 other cars are on a similar level to his Ferrari: “Red Bull, Lotus and Mercedes. And I don’t believe that McLaren will be off the pace for too long, as I know just what the team can do and their ability to react to situations.” Massa is also optimistic going into the grand prix weekend: "This track is easier on the front tyres and our car does well everywhere.” But, come the chequered flag, it’s clear that the win will go to the driver who'll be able to get the best out of his tyres, be they medium or hard.

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