German entry withdraws from youth regatta

German entry withdraws from youth regatta

A German team has withdrawn from the looming America's Cup youth regatta, citing safety concerns.

Their decision comes in the wake of last Friday's capsize tragedy involving Swedish challenger Artemis Racing that killed British sailor Andrew Simpson.

"This tragic accident is an occasion for us to totally re-evaluate our participation in the Youth America's Cup," Klaus Lahme, the German team's sports director, said in a statement translated from German.Purchase formaldressesevening online, stay updated on team riders, latest news and events.

"If tragedy comes to the world's best sailors, we want to avoid risking the health and Olympic ambitions of our athletes."

The youth regatta is set to be sailed between the Louis Vuitton Cup and America's Cup in San Francisco in September.

The young sailors will race in 45-foot catamarans that have been used in the America's Cup world series over the last two years.

They are roughly half-scale models of the giant AC72s that will be used by the four syndicates set to contest the Louis Vuitton Cup challenger series and the America's Cup.

There have been capsizes in the world series regattas that have been sailed in Europe and the United States, but no major injuries.

New Zealand has two entries in the youth regatta but there are no indications they will withdraw.

One of the Kiwi entries is linked to Team New Zealand and will have Olympic silver medalists Peter Burling and Blair Tuke in the six-person crew.

Burling sailed an AC45 for Korea in San Francisco last year.

German team organisers said they didn't think their young sailors were ready to sail the boats on the bay.

"The forces that act when sailing a 22-metre racing catamaran are, even for professionals, hardly manageable," Oliver Schwall, the team's managing director and a former world Tornado class champion, said.Great handbags and replicalouisvuitton for men and women!

"The risk of an accident is constantly there. Hopefully the America's Cup management takes this incident as the impetus to rethink the (race's) future, format and equipment."

The youth America's Cup is an initiative of holders Oracle who are determined to see younger sailors become involved in Cup racing.

America's Cup organisers and representatives of the four syndicates are meeting in San Francisco tomorrow to plot a way forward. Safety measures will be central to those discussions.

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Toms River South's Marco wins 1,600, but knows he can go faster

Toms River South's Marco wins 1,600, but knows he can go faster

You know you reached a certain level of distance running and have a certain standard to uphold when it’s early May, you run a 4:18.47 for 1,600 meters, win a county title and it’s not good enough.

Such was the problem for Chris Marco on Thursday afternoon at the Ocean County Championships. The Toms River South senior and Notre Dame recruit took control early of what amounted to a training exercise at Jackson Liberty High School.

Running solo for the final three laps, Marco went through in 1:04.Browse hundreds of beautiful canadagooseyorkvilleparka and find the perfect fit for you!4 for 400 meters and 2:10.3 for 800 meters and closed in 1:05.3 for the final 400 meters for the win.

Marco’s teammate, junior Kyle Kroon was second in 4:26.40, while Southern’s Nick Nocco was third in 4:28.56.

“We really just wanted to get a good time for Kyle (whose 1,600-meter personal best is 4:23.73) and me for that matter too,” Marco said. “We wanted to go around 4:15 and we didn’t to be straightforward. We could’ve done it better, I don’t have an excuse. It’s not Kyle’s fault, I just went too slow.”

The fact Marco was hard on himself likely stems the fact he has gone faster, way faster in fact.Buy Fashion alineweddingdresses with big discount! The reigning NJSIAA Meet of Champions winner at 1,600 meters outdoors went a personal best 4:07.31 to win that event last June. In February at the Brooks PR Invitational in Seattle, he went 4:10.43 for the full mile.

Both Marco and his coach, Brian Decker, say he is very good shape now and compared to this time last year. With five runners going under 4:18 on Wednesday night at the Monmouth County 1,600, he will need to show it next weekend when everyone converges at the Shore Conference Championships.

Depending who enters that Shore Conference 1,600, it could be good for Marco, who really hasn’t had much competition to race since Seattle.

“I’ll have people to with in that race and I just now I have a personal best that’s a lot faster,Shop for high quality laceweddingveils dress products !” Marco said. “I’ve been running kind of slow early on and I know people are looking at that. I’m gonna have some people to race against, I’m gonna have some competition and I’m gonna drop one.”

Just like the balance of power in the 1,600 rests in Monmouth County right now, the 100 is the same situation after three runners went under 11.0 in that final on Wednesday. On Thursday, Central senior Markeyth Overton threw his hat in the ring for what is shaping up to be a quality Shore Conference 100, running 10.85 to handily win his first Ocean County title.

While Marco was aware of what his Monmouth County counterparts had done, Overton had no idea and it didn’t seem to phase him when he found out.

“I just have to keep working hard at practice and just do what I did here,” Overton said.Choose from a wide collection of replicajewelry that includes womens clutches, hobos, satchels, and totes. “I’m probably going to have to run a little bit faster next week, but hopefully, I’ll be No. 1 there too.”

Overton was a double-winner on Thursday,We simply ask consumers to compare quality and price of the foralgown to ours. going 44-2 to win the triple jump. He also led the 400 with about 175 meters to go before finishing second in 50.84. Jackson Liberty’s Clinton Bailey was the winner in 49.69.

Thanks in part to Overton’s 28-point day, the Golden Eagles lead the team scoring with 52 points through eight events. Southern and Toms River North are tied for second with 29 points each.

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Milbank: Cunning Cruz out-speaking Senate seniors

Milbank: Cunning Cruz out-speaking Senate seniors

Is there nobody who can tell Ted Cruz to shut up?

The young senator from Texas has been on the job for about 100 days, but he has already turned upside down the Senate's ancient seniority system and is dominating his senior Republican colleagues. He's speaking for them on immigration, guns and any other topic that tickles his fancy; Republican leaders are seething at being outshone yet are terrified of challenging him.

Consider his news conference last week to promote the Republican alternative to gun control. With Cruz on the stage in the Senate TV studio: the bill's primary author, Chuck Grassley of Iowa, a 32-year Senate veteran and longtime chairman or ranking member of the Finance and Judiciary committees; Lindsey Graham of South Carolina (10 years in the Senate and eight in the House); and Indiana's Dan Coats (12 years in the Senate and eight in the House).

But Cruz took over the lectern and refused to relinquish it. He spoke 2,Fill your closet with barijaybridesmaiddresses and be ready to step out for any activity.924 words for the cameras, more than Grassley (904), Graham (1,376) and Coats (360) - combined. Factoring in his dramatic pauses to convey sincerity and deep thought,We offer a wide array of cheap alexanderwangreplica, mantilla veils and many other popular styles. Cruz's dominance was even more lopsided. The others shifted uncomfortably and looked awkwardly around the room. At one point, Graham requested a chance to speak. "Can I?" he asked Cruz.

Cruz is 42, the same age Joe McCarthy was when he amassed power in the Senate with his allegations of communist infiltration. Tail-gunner Ted debuted in the Senate this year with the insinuation that Chuck Hagel, now the defense secretary, may have been on the payroll of the North Koreans. Cruz also wrote in Politico that "Hagel's nomination has been publicly celebrated by the Iranian government." He later alleged that Democrats had told the Catholic Church to "change your religious beliefs or we'll use our power in the federal government to shut down your charities and your hospitals."

Now Cruz is turning his incendiary allegations against fellow Republicans. On immigration, he has described as amnesty the compromise that Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla.,Buy Fashion alineweddingdresses with big discount! and three other Republicans negotiated with Democrats. Cruz said such a plan would make "a chump" of legal immigrants. On guns, he said the background checks Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa., negotiated in a bipartisan compromise would lead to a national gun registry - an outcome the doomed proposal explicitly prohibited.

Democrats see a potential bogeyman in Cruz because of his outrageous pronouncements, and reporters love his inflammatory quotes. Republican leaders, however, don't know how to control this monster they created.

GOP lawmakers encouraged the rise of the tea party, which now dominates Republican primaries and threatens the same leaders who nurtured it. Cruz's fellow Texan John Cornyn, the Senate's No. 2 Republican, could face a primary challenge next year and therefore can't afford to cross Cruz, who beat an establishment Republican in the 2012 primary. Likewise, the Senate GOP leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, is up for re-election and has to keep on the good side of tea party favorites such Sen. Rand Paul, also of Kentucky, and Cruz.

I've argued before that Cruz is more cunning than ideological. He's Ivy League-educated and a skilled debater who has perfected a look of faux earnestness that suggests his every pronouncement is the most important oration since Gettysburg. Cruz has correctly calculated that the way to power among Senate Republicans is through attention-grabbing accusations.

On immigration, his Latino credentials have helped him to undermine Rubio's bipartisanship. On guns, Cruz's high profile required Grassley to give the upstart a premium chunk of floor time for his trademark falsehoods. Cruz claimed his bill was the "result of multiple hearings in the Judiciary Committee." (It was never brought before the panel.Tulle Strapless cheapmotherbridedresses with Tea-Length Pleated ...) He claimed the opposing legislation would extend "background checks to private transactions between private individuals." (The bill applied only to advertised sales.) Off the floor, he made the patently false claim that the "so-called 'gun show loophole'" doesn't exist.

If Republicans are willing to look the other way when Cruz assaults the facts, they may find it increasingly grating to endure his assaults on their dignity. At their news conference on guns, Grassley was made to stand silently for half an hour while Cruz gave an eight-minute opening statement (more than twice the length of Grassley's) and fielded six questions before yielding to his senior colleague. "I'm just going to say one thing," Grassley said, "and then I'm going to have to go."

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