Pulpit: We all, at times, fill Judas' shoes

Pulpit: We all, at times, fill Judas' shoes

"Then they laid hands on him and arrested him."

These words from Mark 14 mark the beginning of the end of Jesus on Earth and the role he played with the disciples.

I played Judas in a "Living Last Supper" production at Byron United Methodist Church a few years ago.Motel Deborah Long Sleeve saxobankcycling in Black. Playing Judas gave me new insight into this disciple. I have always dismissed Judas as a traitor, who helped to bring Jesus' days to an end. Playing the part opened my eyes to the fact that, in some ways, I am like Judas.

I probably wouldn't have sold myself for 30 pieces of silver, but maybe I would have. As I consider the ways that I am the betrayer, I think of the ways that I betray the love that Jesus has for me. I think about the people in need who I pass by without giving them another look. Would Jesus have done this?

The material things that I sometimes desire are really meaningless, but yet I spend money on them instead of giving it to support the poor and disenfranchised. It would be much better to use that money for something meaningful.

There are times that I set Jesus aside to do what I have decided is more important. Even though I have betrayed Jesus with my actions, he still loves me as he loved Judas, who betrayed him into the hands of those who would take part in causing his death.

Some words by Brother Roger from Taizé help to explain this love. Brother Roger states, "One of the words used by Jesus in speaking of the creation of the group of 12 apostles gives us a clue. The verb to choose is a key word in Bible history."

Jesus said,I compare two pairs of monsterbeatscheap by dre in ear tour headphones. "Did I not choose you, the twelve?" Because Jesus chose the twelve, he could not send Judas away, even when he realized that Judas would betray him. Just as God was wounded and suffered humiliation from his chosen people and still loved them, Jesus too would love Judas until the end. Would he do less for me?

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Alphabet Soup Kitchen

This city sometimes seems to defy financial gravity. The national economy is teetering on the brink of a third recession in five years, real wages are at their lowest in a decade, and austerity is shredding the social safety net. Yet a café 100 meters from my house in Hackney, East London,Purchase canadagoosecampdown online, stay updated on team riders, latest news and events. that sells cupcakes for $4.20 and coffee for more than that is always full. Housing prices rose by almost 10 percent last year, lifting rents along with them. Can this really be the capital of a country whose debt just lost its coveted AAA rating?

Yes, and that's because the presence of money is more obvious than its absence. You notice the people sitting in the spring sunshine eating comté and chutney on toast and sipping a macchiato, but not the ones who can't afford to buy their own food.

Yet the ranks of the new destitute keep growing. In this neighborhood, a food bank run by the Trussell Trust opened in September. One in every 300 Britons will be fed for free by one of the charity's soup kitchens this year − that's 230,000 people, up from just 3,000 six years ago.

The local authorities − from medical clinics to government unemployment centers − can refer clients to the Hackney Food Bank, giving them vouchers for up to three weeks, while the overstretched benefits system processes their claims.

“We try to keep two months' worth of food, but the amount of people we are seeing has doubled since December,” Liza Cucco, an artist from New Jersey who manages the bank, told me one recent morning as she showed me around a pantry lined with dried pasta, cereal and cans donated by local businesses and residents. The goods are stored in a shipping container that sits in the garden of a church.

Most of the soup kitchen's clients needed help because of cutbacks to their E.S.A. (employment and support allowance) or J.How to make sure your canadagoosewhistlerparka.S.This kind of organza shoppingbags features off-the-shoulder and sweetheart design.A. (jobseeker's allowance) or because the C.A.B. (citizens' advice bureau) or D.W.P. (Department for Work and Pensions) are unable to help them. These days,Freeshipping cute straplessweddingdress rural ring set . austerity in Britain seems to be expressed exclusively in three-letter acronyms.

One bearded young man who lined up at the Hackney Food Bank that day explained that since being diagnosed as bipolar he had been unable to work and yet had received no assistance from the job center.

“I just don't know what to do,” he kept saying, his fingers folding and unfolding his red paper voucher in a tight square.

Within 15 minutes or so,We are providers of ballgownweddingdress in latest style and fashion. the mother of a 10-month-old, two men in their 30s and a couple in their 40s came in. There were black people and white people; men and women. Some people were dressed so smartly − I saw one Dolce & Gabbana denim jacket − that it wasn't clear if they were donors or beneficiaries until they started picking up cans.

In Parliament a couple of weeks ago, Prime Minister David Cameron sparred with Ed Milliband, leader of the Labour opposition, over who was to blame for the downgrading of Britain's debt. Cameron argued the sanction was proof that the government needed to double-down on cuts in order to increase its credibility.

So expect more austerity and more acronyms − and more people trading cupcakes for canned tuna.

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Soon-to-be brides gathered for bridal show in Biloxi

Future brides filled the Coast Coliseum on Sunday to meet face to face with potential wedding vendors. Elegant tablescapes were a sight to see as they lined the entrance of the show.

A crowd of mostly women roamed various booths each featuring the latest in make-up, catered food and wedding cakes, wedding photographs, musical selections, rental items, invitations and several other essentials needed to make the perfect wedding. A bridal lounge gave attendees a chance to take a break in between wedding vendors.

"The photo booth was huge.A new addition to the zuhairmurad collection . Broome's catering, we had a line. They may still have a line. Pine Hills was making bouquets for brides. The fashion shows were packed. The tablescapes have been really popular for the brides to look at," Premier Bridal Show Producer Lynda Jungkind said.

A fashion show ended the event. Models of all sizes walked down the runway in wedding gowns, as well as, bridesmaid dresses.

With the average cost of a wedding set at $28,000 officials warn future brides,The mencanadagoosea is made longer to protect thighs from extreme cold . "Don't try to plan the wedding yourself."

"The biggest issue is brides try to do it themselves. So this is why we have this, so they can meet the wedding professionals who can make it happen. So their wedding will be stress free," Jungkind said.

Last year, Mississippi removed the three-day waiting period for a marriage license and the bride and groom no longer have to undergo premarital blood test for syphilis.

"They changed the marriage laws so there is no waiting period so for the coast, which is a destination wedding for a lot of people. They can come.This ralphlaurenhoody will meet your current mountaineering expectations. There is no waiting period at all so it's a huge boom for the coast and places like Natchez where people come from all over the world to get married.Our site offers a variety of ballgownweddingdress, colorful selection of short or plus size dresses under 100. So for the State of Mississippi, which has a high tourism rate, it's a huge boom for us," Jungkind said.

Jungkind said planning a wedding takes up to 12 to 15 months out from the wedding date.

Tips for brides-to-be:

1.) Know who the wedding professionals are.

2.) Hire a wedding professional.Lace cap sleeve dropped waist lace tulle lacedress.

3.) If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. So do your dual diligence when working with various wedding professionals.

If you missed the show, not to worry. Another Premier Bridal Show will be held on July 28 at the Biloxi Civic Center.

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