Though to be fair crocs are probably quite useful

I have a new pair of shoes!

Ordinarily I don't get excited about shoes, as long as they cover my feet and are comfortable.

But these are really comfortable. I went up to the Mall of America and thought maybe I'd just pick up some shoes when I got there. There was a big shoe store having a sale, and I'm terribly sorry I've forgotten the name or I'd give them a plug too.

What I was looking for was a pair of street hikers. A long time ago I had a pair I loved with that name, though an Internet search seems to indicate it's not a brand but a kind of shoe. I need a shoe that's comfortable for walking on pavement, with off-road capability.

And they've got to look if not dressy then at least acceptable enough to walk into an office in.

That describes my dress requirements in genTop 10 Hairstyles For authenticjackets.eral. I'm not like the late Robert Novak who always wore top-dollar suits to work because he might be called into a TV studio at any time. As a journalist in a rural agricultural area I have dress well enough to walk into someone's office for an interview - but practical enough to go walking across someone's field on a soggy day.

And of course when dressing for a Minnesota winter, warm trumps everything.Choose from a wide range of authenticguccihandbags, shoulder bags and clutch bags from top brands.

What I found was CAT - as in the Caterpillar tractor company. They're advertised as work boots/shoes but I found a pair of brown leather low tops that aren't out of place in an office casual environment.

Better still, they've got shoe laces that actually stay tied.

How did these durn nylon laces become standard? You know, the kind you have to tie in a bow, then double-knot and they still come untied?

These appear to be some kind of synthetic, but woven in such a way they actually keep a knot in them.Our Michael Kors handbags outlet supply cheap designer and new bossbelt for you.

It's a lot easier to face the day wearing comfortable shoes whose laces stay tied.

The weirdest thing about this poll about what shoes men find the least attractive is not that the gentleman folk polled would prefer us ladies to be shod in crocs rather than wedges. Well, actually that is weird because crocs are almost comically ugly.

Though to be fair crocs are probably quite useful and comfortable and they certainly don’t make one look like they are trying too hard. I’ve read enough women’s – and indeed men’s - magazines to know that men like women to look comfortable (yet hot), not be too ‘done’ (but still look hot), wear nothing too weird but still have individual style, to be healthy (but like, hot healthy) to be ‘classy’ but not 'stuck up' and they really hate it when we wear uncomfortable shoes because complaining. Complaining is not hot. Neither are wedge shoes apparently. Or kitten heels. But actually I’m not going to defend the kitten heel because I really don’t see the point of them.

Anyway, the weirdest thing about this poll is that it and the dozens of its ilk that have existed since Adam probably told Eve her leaf skirt was too short and then penned a lightly humorous yet deadly serious article called ‘Yes, He Hates Your Sneaker Wedges ...White Strapless womenhandbags2012 with Full A-line Skirt. the Surprising Truth About What He Really Wants You to Wear” – is that we’re still reading them.

In a recent interview for UK newspaper The Guardian, Ellen Page (thank you Ellen Page for removing the Sad Susan Sarandon ‘I’m not a feminist’ residue from our mouths) said that she is most definitely a feminist. What’s more, she spoke about one of the key problems in Hollywood - and let’s be real here, it’s one in a laundry list that includes offensive stereotyping, that men get to be the romantic interests forever and women become ‘the mum’ after 30 and Katherine Heigl movies-was that women were expected to dress,Kate Bosworth hasn't bought her burberryhandbags yet. and indeed exist, for men.

"If you're a girl and you don't fit the very specific vision of what a girl should be, which is always from a man's perspective, then you're a little bit at a loss,” she said.

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Among the guests were the actor Richard Kind

Getting Down to 'Monkey' Business

The audience at Tuesday night's Lincoln Center Festival opening of "Monkey: Journey to the West" was rather eclectic. There were lots of well-dressed Asian men and women, not surprising considering the production is in Mandarin, was conceived and directed by the Chinese director Chen Shi-Zheng and is based on the classic Chinese novel "Xi You Ji."

But there were also lots of hipsters dressed in cool T-shirts, perhaps more hipsters dressed in cool T-shirts than the David H. Koch Theater has ever seen. This was because this amalgamation of opera, dance, theater and acrobatics was composed by Damon Albarn (of the British band Blur) with a visual concept, animation and costumes by Jamie Hewlett. Together, the two founded Gorillaz, a virtual music group, in 1998.A turquoisebeads is the most formal female attire for social occasions.

As a story, "Monkey: Journey to the West" has elements of the quest of "The Wizard of Oz," the demon-fighting in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," and the kung fu of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" mixed in with a bit of "Curious George." As a sumptuous piece of staging, it recalls Julie Taymor, Robert Wilson and the current revival of "Pippin." There is an enormous Buddha hand that crushes the eponymous character, lots of flying ladies and an undersea sequence featuring a floating starfish and a dancing octopus that must be seen to be believed.

After the opening night performance, the large, mostly non-English-speaking cast−including the acrobats who play both the floating starfish and the dancing octopus−made their way, by double-decker bus, to the Hudson Hotel, where the afterparty was under way. (The bus, like most double-decker buses in the city at the moment, had a huge advertisement for "Monkey" on the side of it.) There, because doing this kind of acrobatics definitely burns a lot of calories,A peplum authenticcoat. they voraciously ate sliders, miniature brisket sandwiches,Discover suits with ASOS. watermelon and feta salad and spare ribs.

Among the guests were the actor Richard Kind, the filmmaker Bennett Miller and Yue-Sai Kan, the Chinese media icon and television host. The "Monkey" tale might be new to American audiences, "but every Chinese person knows this story about the Monkey who goes to get the scripture and the problems he encounters on the way," Ms. Kan said.

But, for us, the moral wasn't necessarily obvious. What did she think it's really about? "In life, if you want to attain something, you go through a lot of problems, and sometimes you need some help. But you have to be ingenious, smart and brave. You have to persist."

But how about that octopus? Ms. Kan agreed that the octopus was one of her favorite parts. "It's adorable," she said. "Really memorable. That whole scene under the water!"

Mr. Hewlett said several of his more complicated designs ended up being tossed out, especially because many of the actors could not do their martial arts moves wearing heavy costumes. But not the octopus.

"We needed an octopus," he said.2013 Collection germanarmyuniforms 1672 Styles. "And it seemed to be the simplest costume. It's comical and quite silly. I was being playful. A lot of people have impressions of opera,Atria gemstonebeads are set apart from the rest because of their sleek sultry styles. but we wanted to make it accessible for the whole family. Why shouldn't kids go to operas?"

The director, Chen Shi-Zheng, said when he first came up with the idea, he was looking for something that "young people would like. It's cool, it's humorous. It seemed just right to tell this story." Connecting with that audience would be easier with Messrs. Albarn and Hewlett and the legacy of the Gorillaz.

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Cuomo creates panel to investigate NY Legislature

Cuomo creates panel to investigate NY Legislature

Gov. Andrew Cuomo established a powerful investigative body Tuesday to examine public corruption, including potential wrongdoing by legislators in campaign fundraising, in an attempt to address what’s seen as a widespread problem in New York government.

Cuomo, announcing the panel at the Capitol, was joined by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who said he’ll deputize the commission members. That gives them broad authority to investigate any branch of state government and refer misconduct cases for prosecution. They will also recommend changes in the law and ethics rules, he said.

Cuomo announced his intention two weeks ago after abandoning efforts to get reforms through the legislature. That followed federal bribery and embezzlement charges filed against several state lawmakers this year. Similar commissions ordered by governors over decades have resulted in lengthy corruption probes and arrests.Search a wide selection of skateshoes.

“They’ll follow the money and go where the commission determines to go,” Cuomo said. It’s no legislative witch hunt, he said, noting the federal cases show there are real problems,List of sunglasses Products. but adding that he expects the investigation to vindicate 99 percent of elected officials who are good people.

The committee was established by executive order under both New York’s anti-corruption Moreland Act and the state’s Executive Law. It has subpoena power and will investigate the influence of campaign contributions on state government and compliance with election and lobbying laws. Its preliminary report is due by Dec.Like a lot of women,Custom made bicyclesaddles0? 1, with a final report expected by the end of next year.

“The corruption that now is perceived by the public to be rampant in state government undermines the ability of every part of the state government to function. It has to be addressed comprehensively,” Schneiderman said. “In New York state, we have a voting system that sometimes seems to be set up to make it as hard for people to vote as possible. We have an election law and regulations and enforcement of election law and regulations that sometimes seems like a welcome wagon for pay-to-play schemes.”

Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone is a polarizing figure in the eyes of many F1 fans -- but he is also a force of nature. Now 82, he still strides up and down pit lane and the paddock area with the same boundless energy that has marked his reign over F1 racing for the past three decades and counting. Sitting down inside his small, unguarded private tent in the paddock area, it was fascinating to watch Ecclestone work at the recent Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal.

Shortly before noon, various celebrity guests -- British actors Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy, and billionaire Cirque de Soleil founder Guy Laliberté -- arrived to pay tribute to him in much the same manner as foreign dignitaries might come to greet a world leader or royal head of state. This is a fitting comparison, however, as Ecclestone has ruled over the sport in a benevolent, iron-fisted way that has seen him transform a formerly rag-tag operation composed of factional racing tribes into a multibillion-dollar global business empire.

Unlike national potentates, however, Ecclestone has little need for ceremony. There is no excess baggage or artifice to his world or manner. He speaks in plain terms using an economy of words to state precisely what he thinks and feels. He has long sealed deals with a single handshake and adheres to an old-world expectation that a person’s word is their bond.

Ecclestone likes to come to the point and has never seen the need to embellish anything. It’s that kind of brutal efficiency that has marked his time as ringmaster of the F1 circus that has become one of the greatest sporting shows on earth. He was the first to identify the ultimate potential of television to turn F1 racing into a world-wide spectacle, and in the process has made billions from his management and ownership of the sport’s commercial activities.

Ecclestone’s business philosophy is essentially one of challenging you to make a deal with him and see how you fare. After all, when in 2000 he (via his family trust) sold a 75-percent stake in F1’s marketing company, his family trust earned $3.37 billion yet still owned 25 percent of the operation while retaining effective management control of the sport. It’s the kind of deal that any business school ought to use as a master case study in the art of outmaneuvering your opponent. The German newsmagazine Der Spiegel described this deal recently as a “brilliant coup.”

But today the master dealmaker is under assault on several fronts. In November 2011, Ecclestone was called upon to testify in a Munich courtroom in the trial of Gerhard Gribkowsky, the former BayernLB banker in Germany who oversaw the 2006 sale of F1 to CVC Capital, a private equity fund, which netted the Ecclestone family trust, Bambino Holidings, a reported $478 million profit. Gribkowsky, BayernLB’s chief risk officer, was accused of accepting a bribe of $44 million (27 million) to deliberately undervalue the shares of F1 so that the bank sold the shares for $800,000,000 rather than the more plausible value of $2.8 billion as has been charged in court documents. Gribkowsky was subsequently found guilty and sentenced to eight and a half years in prison.

Ecclestone admits that Bambino Holidings paid the sum to Gribkowsky but denies it was a bribe, testifying in court that it was the result of a subtle “shakedown” on him by Gribkowsky, who according to Ecclestone was effectively blackmailing the billionaire Briton by threatening to present “false evidence” about him to British tax authorities.

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